Maurer Magnetic Zero Gauss Chamber

Maurer Magnetic Zero Gauss Chamber

Ambient magnetic field shielding


The Zero-Gauss Shielding chamber is used for measurements that are virtually free from the influence of the earth's magnetic field and your environment.

Exclusion of the environmental magnetic field due to the Zero-Gauss chamber's high shielding factor enables accurate measurements in all directions. This is especially relevant for elongated components and for materials with a high initial magnetic permeability. Maurer Magnetics Zero-Gauss-Chamber allows for more consistent measuring results when measuring residual magnetism in ferromagnetic parts with Gauss Meters.

The Zero Gauss Chamber delivers consistent test results due to measurements taken within a chamber that shields the magnetic field of the earth. Therefore, the test results can be reproduced at any location which provides global quality control.



Measurement of residual magnetism of a milling cutter in the zero Gauss chamber. The demagnetized milling cutter has a residual magnetism of 0.1A/cm.


  • Measuring point for reproducible and location-independent measuring results used for quality assurance, such as cross-operational supply chains
  • Measurements of residual magnetism on ferromagnetic parts are no longer significantly distorted by the ambient magnetic fields
  • Passive shielding, no power consumption and maintenance-free
  • Defined measuring point, good access to the measuring room
  • Rugged platform design

Measurement of residual magnetism of the same cutter in the earth's magnetic field. The induced fields falsify the measurement result from 0.1A/cm to about 2.1A/cm


Measurements of residual magnetism on ferromagnetic parts in the range of < 4 A/cm (~ 5 gauss) are typically significantly influenced by the earth’s magnetic field. Due to the geometry and permeability of the material, induced magnetic fields can be amplified several times over. Depending of the parts (e.g. 0.4 A/cm), the measurement results may fluctuate up to 4 A/cm (~ 5 gauss) at the same measuring point.

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Technical Specifications

Zero Gauss Chamber 17" & 21" Specifications

  17" Model 21" Model
Dimensions (LxWxH): 19.69" x 20.22" x 22.83
(500 x 510 x 580 mm)
23.62"x 24.02" x 24.41
(600 x 610 x 620 mm)
Dimensions of Platform (LxW): 11.02" x 16.14"
(280 x 410 mm)
14.17" x 18.90"
(360 x 480 mm)
Weight: 66.14 lbs. (30 kg) 83.78 lbs. (38 kg)
Shielding Factor Min. 4.0 (x=2.4, y=10.7, z=16.7) 4.0 (x=2.4, y=12.6, z=17.0)
Description Part # Saved Price Select Option Add to
Maurer Magnetic Zero Gauss Chamber - 17" DE-MM-30082 $5,260.00
Maurer Magnetic Zero Gauss Chamber - 21" DE-MM-30147 $6,680.00