Duplex Plate Phantom per E2737

Duplex Plate Phantom per E2737

Made to Order Duplex Plate Phantoms per E2737 with choice of Duplex IQI, ASTM Plaque Type IQIs and Plate Thickness

DDA System Evaluation and Process Control

Each Duplex Plate Phantom per E2737 is custom made to order to fit your testing requirements. The standard ASTM E2737 describes the evaluation of DDA systems for industrial radiology. It is intended to ensure that the evaluation of image quality, as far as this is influenced by the DDA system, meets the needs of users and their customers and enables process control and long term stability of the DDA systems.

Test parameters include kV/mA, focal spot size, pre-filtering, geometric magnification, detector mode, number of image integrations, and exposure time.

These tests are to monitor the system performance for degradation and to identify when action needs to be taken if the system degrades by a certain level - i.e. influenced after repairs, hardware / software upgrades.

Described in ASTM E2737 but also for special inspection set-up dimensions, only.


Ordering Information

All Duplex Plate Phantoms are made to order per customer requirements and per E2737 specifications. All parts are supplied individually, and phantom is assembled on site by the end user. Plates and IQIs may be temporarily or permanently fixed in place by the end user.

When requesting a quote, please specify the following information:

  • Material*
  • Minimum thickness of part
  • Maximum thickness of part 

*It is easier and less expensive to source common alloys. Materials should be the same or have a similar density to the materials being tested.


Image Quality Evaluation Toolbox with Duplex Plate Phantom

Image Credit: VisiConsult X-Ray Systems & Solutions


Duplex Plate Phantom per E2737 Consists Of:

  1. Duplex IQI (select D13, D15 or D17 based on resolution)

  2. ASTM Plaque Type IQIs (ASTM-E-1025 or ASTM-E-1742 / sizes correspond to plate thicknesses)

  3. Bottom Plate (thickness equals minimum wall thickness of parts being inspected)

  4. Top Plate (thickness equals sum of maximum thickness of part minus bottom plate thickness)

Default Plate Dimensions:

  • Bottom Plate – 8” x 8”

  • Top Plate – 8” x 4”

  • Thickness for each plate specified by customer

*Custom plate dimensions may be requested.

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