Foundrax Brin400 Standard Production

Foundrax Brin400 Standard Production

Foundrax Brin400 Series Standard Production Hardness Testers

Designed and engineered to perform reliably in arduous environments and enhances productivity for in-line and off-line testing of materials.

There are two models in this range – the Brin400D and the Brin400B

Both machines have the following features:

  • Load cell and servo motor controlled application of test force
  • Heavy duty gearbox and ball screw for effective transmission of test force
  • Monitoring of test force 125 times a second for complete accuracy during the testing process.
  • Optimized force measurement for Brinell hardness testing procedures.
  • Minute force adjustment to compensate for any movement or material creep.
  • Software controlled cycle time
  • Operator adjustable dwell time
  • Fabricated from a 12mm steel plate for rigidity and strength

The Brin400D features all of the above but comes with an integral automatic Brintronic microscope for instant, reliable, repeatable measurements and recording results.

Both models are available with a powered lead screw for applications where the testing of heavier components or higher rates of testing are required. The lead screw is anchored to the throat of the machine by a slideway, to protect it from accidental damage that may occur due to poor jigging of the component under test or incorrect loading of the component into the machine.

Brin400 Test Head
Test Head

Brin400 Indenter

Brin400 Hand Grinder
Hand Grinder



Brin400D Hardness Tester

Brin400B Hardness Tester

Test Height: 475 mm

Test Height: 400 mm

Throat: 275 mm

Throat: 250 mm

Dimensions: 420 x 670 x 1580 mm

Dimensions: 420 x 670 x 1210 mm

Weight: 520 kg

Weight: 500 kg

Power Supply: 400VAC 50 Hz 3 phase

Power Supply: 400VAC 50 Hz 3 phase

Indenters: 2.5, 5.0 and 10.00 mm

Indenters: 2.5, 5.0 and 10.0 mm

Vee Anvil: 700 mm diameter

Vee Anvil: 700 mm diameter

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