Eclipse Scientific EC Array - 1st Edition

Eclipse Scientific EC Array - 1st Edition

Eclipse Scientific Eddy Current Array Technology - 1st Edition Book
Author: Michael Wright
Hard Cover, Full Color, 302 pages

This book is designed for Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) technicians, engineers adn technical people interested in learning Eddy Current Array (ECA) principles and applications. The main goal is to outline the material needed for a first course in eddy current array technology.

In order to understand eddy current array technology, a fundamental knowledge of conventional eddy current testing theory is required. All of the important aspects of conventional eddy current theory, including transmit-receive coil pairs, are touched on at the beginning; and eddy current probes, array elements and types of array probes are discussed herein in detail.

ECA testing is made possible with the use of multiplexing technology. Multiplexing theory and how it applies to array technology, is explained in this book. C-Scans, created by encoding eddy current data, are a major advancement of conventional ET. Types of encoders and their operation, as well as how data encoding enables the creation of C-Scan, are illustrated.

Steps necessary to accomplish high quality ECA inspections, including scan plan development, ECA instrument calibration, scanning, analyzing and reporting are outlined. Also covered is the ECA analysis software operation, along with a discussion of industrial applications and weld inspection guidelines.

To see a sample chapter, click on the link: Eddy Current Array Technology 1st Edition Sample

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