8400K Digital Optical Depth Measurement Micrometer

8400K Digital Optical Depth Measurement Micrometer

8400K Digital
Optical Depth Measurment


Fast, Reliable and Repeatable

Take the guesswork out of visual inspection

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The 8400K Optical Depth Measuring Micrometer is a portable inspection microscope with depth measurement capability. It quickly and accurately measures the depth of scratches, fractures, cracks, crazing, corrosion pits, scribe lines, and other surface damage.

It is easy to operate and requires no special training or expertise to use. The 8400K is durable, portable and can be easily calibrated in-house.

The Micrometer can be used on flat or curved surfaces, metals, plastics, composites, painted or chemically treated finishes, as well as transparencies.

The Micrometer is capable of magnifications from 40X to 200X with depth measurements at an accuracy of +/- 0.001”.


8400k in use


Rugged and portable
The 8400K was designed for use in the field. The sealed non-magnetic case is dustproof and shock resistant to withstand everyday shop use. The hardwood instrument case also contains adapters and lenses for use on convex, concave or any combination of these surfaces.

Real cost savings
With the 8400K, damage can be measured optically in a fraction of the time needed for other methods such as "blend-out." Spending time on a part that may need replacement is costly. In many cases the 8400K can be used to inspect installed parts on aircraft, piping, etc.

Serial port for PC access
In addition to the clear LCD readout "floating zero" and other features, the 8400K's digital display also has an RS232 serial port for data export to the optional processor/printer.

How the Optical Micrometer works
First, focus on a smooth surface next to a scratch. Then, zero out the digital display (you can choose a readout in either inches or millimeters). Next, focus on the bottom of the scratch. The digital display shows depth relative to the surface.

how it works
pit gauges

measurement of surface features
The 8400K also allows measurement of surface features

8400K Digital Optical Micrometer Kit Includes:

  • Digital Optical Micrometer
  • 3 interchangeable Bases
  • 2 Eyepieces - 10X, 20X
  • 2 Objective Lenses - 4X, 10X
  • Scratch Sample Plate
  • LED Flashlight
  • Case w/ Foam Insert
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Manufacturer's Certificate of Conformance
  • Certificate of Accuracy
8400k kit

optional stand


Stand and X-Y Stage
Make the 8400K perfect for
inspecting small parts

optional microscope


Dino-Lite 5MP USB Microscope
Eyepiece Camera

Record images to your PC or


application image

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8400K Optical Micrometer Kit

8400K Optical Micrometer Kit Includes: Unit, 3 Interchangeable Bases, 3 or 4 leg & acrylic, 2 Eyepieces-10X, 20X, 2 Objective Lenses-4X, 10X, Scratch Sample Plate, LED Flashlight & Case GA-JCK-8400K $3,995.00
AM7025X Dino-Eye Edge 5MP USB Eyepiece Camera GA-JCK-DINO-EYE $649.00
8400-71, Base, 3-Leg Soft Tip GA-JCK-8400-71 $67.15
8400-12, Base, 3-Leg Offset GA-JCK-8400-12 $95.00
8400-27, Tall Tripod Base, 4.5" GA-JCK-8400-27 $196.00
8400-35, Base, Corner GA-JCK-8400-35 $95.00
4400-4, Backing Slides, 60mmx40mm, 50/Pack GA-JCK-4400-4 $62.00
4400-5, Backing Paper, 70mmx60xxm 100/Pack GA-JCK-4400-5 $23.00
4400-6, Carrying Case, 4400M Surface Rep Kit GA-JCK-4400-6 $185.00
4400-7, Tilting Stage Base GA-JCK-4400-7 $208.00
Lab Stand Kit, with X-Y Stage Included GA-JCK-5500L $2,250.00
Lab Stand Kit, with no X-Y Stage GA-JCK-5500K $1,250.00
X-Y Stage, for 5500 Lab Stand GA-JCK-5500-50 $1,430.00
Instrument Calibration (ISO17025) w/ Cert & Test Data GA-JCK-8400-0-Cal $95.00

Microset Accessories

4400M, Surface Replication Kit GA-JCK-4400M $1,045.00
4400-1, Microset Dispensing Gun, 50ml GA-JCK-4400-1 $95.00
4400-2RTG, Microset Replication Compound (Thixotropic), 50ml, Grey GA-JCK-4400-2RTG $56.00
4400-2RFG, Microset Replication Compound (Fluid), 50ml, Grey GA-JCK-4400-2RFG $56.00
4400-3, Microset Nozzle Pack, 50ml, 10/Pack GA-JCK-4400-3 $22.00
4400-31, Microset Nozzle Pack, 50ml, 50/Pack GA-JCK-4400-31 $102.00