MiniTest 1100/2100/3100/4100

MiniTest 1100/2100/3100/4100

Coating Gauge with Interchangeable Probes

Note: This product has been discontinued, the replacement is:

MiniTest 2500/4500 Series

ElektroPhysik MiniTest 1100/2100/3100/4100

Compact, reliable and easy to use coating thickness testing instruments for measuring:

  • All coatings on steel e.g. paints, powder coatings, enamels, chrome, zinc...
  • All insulation coatings on non-ferrous metals e.g. anodizing, paint...


MiniTest 1100:


Memory: No


Data Transfer:Yes, single reading

MiniTest 2100:


Memory: 1-Field


Data Transfer: Yes, single reading + batch + statistics

MiniTest 3100:


Memory: 100-Field

Statistics: Enhanced

Data Transfer: Yes, single reading + batch + statistics

MiniTest 4100:


Memory: 500-Field

Statistics: Comprehensive

Data Transfer: Yes, single reading + batch + statistics

The MiniTest 3100 Series requires a probe selection. ElektroPhysik offers over 20 probes to support the MiniTest 3100 series platform. Please select a probe that fits you application based on the technical data shown. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us for assistance.

Product Literature

Description Part # Saved Price Select Option Add to
MiniTest 1100 (Basic Gauge) CT-EP-MIN-024095 Discontinued Item
MiniTest 2100 (Gauge with Statistics) CT-EP-MIN-025000 Discontinued Item
MiniTest 3100 (Gauge with Stats and Memory) CT-EP-MIN-025250 Discontinued Item
MiniTest 4100 (Gauge with Extensive Stats and Memory) CT-EP-MIN-025500 Discontinued Item
MiniPrint 4100 (Printer) CT-EP-MIN-025530 Discontinued Item