Western Instruments Pre-Weld Demagnetization

Western Instruments Pre-Weld Demagnetization

Western Instruments Pipeline Pre-Weld Demagnetization


Western's WDV-PD Series Coils are developed for pre-weld demagnetization. If pipes are magnetized, welders will experience Arc Blow, which will lead to weld defects.

Coil Model Minimum OD Size Maximum OD Size
WDV-8-PD 1.9" (48mm) 71/2" (190mm)
WDV-10-PD 23/8" (60mm) 95/8" (244mm)
WDV-14-PD 41/2" (114mm) 123/4" (324mm)
WDV-16-PD 95/8" (244mm) 14" (356mm)
WDV-18-PD 103/4" (273mm) 16" (406mm)
WDV-25-PD 16" (406mm) 24" (610mm)
WDV-32-PD 24" (610mm) 30" (762mm)
WDV-38-PD 30" (762mm) 36" (914mm)
WDV-44-PD 36" (914mm) 42" (1067mm)
WDV-50-PD 42" (1067mm) 48" (1219mm)
WDV-60-PD 48" (1219mm) 56" (1422mm)

The cycle time to Demag, after the Coil is placed on the end of a Pipe, is less than 30 seconds. The Reversing and Reducing DC Demag lasts for over a week, requiring a Demag Crew work ahead of the Welders, not slowing production.

Coil Models from the WDV-14-PD and below weigh less than 60 Pounds (27kg) are intended to be handled manually by the operator. The WDV-16-PD weighs just over 100 Pounds (45kg) and is intended to be positioned with a utility crane. The WDV-60-PD weighs just over 1000 Pounds (455kg), requiring the use of a dual wheel truck with a bumper mount crane. The same truck will require a generator appropriately sized for the Coil. A WDV-8-PD requires 1500 watts, while the WDV-60-PD requires 15 Kilowatts, making a 1 ton truck acceptable. Most modern engine driven Welders as used on a Pipeline Right of Way, have sufficient AC Power for even the largest WDV-PD Coils.

To ensure demagnetization has been achieved, operators need to use a gauss meter to check the pipes' weld bevel. Generally an acceptable level of magnetization for welding (manual or automatic) is a field of ± 3 Gauss.

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