OKOndt SmartScan Aircraft Wheel Inspection System

OKOndt SmartScan Aircraft Wheel Inspection System

Automated Eddy Current System for 100% Inspection of Aircraft Wheels. 2 Year Warranty

The Cutting Edge of Eddy Current Wheel Testing

The OKOndt SmartScan FA is a high quality, professionally designed, easy-to-use automated Eddy Current Wheel Inspection System for inspection of aircraft main and nose wheels. Wheel compatibility has been confirmed for various manufacturers including Messier-Bugatti, Goodrich, Honeywell, Meggit and more. The system provides automated testing in compliance with ISO 15548-1. Includes a 2 Year Warranty

Key Benefits:

  • 100% Automated Inspection of Wheel Halves
  • Handles wheels up to 35” OD / 8” ID
  • Complete testing of wheel tubewell, bead seat and flange
  • Compact Design
  • Low maintenance – built with high-quality off-the-shelf components
  • Simple and User-Friendly Controls and Software
  • Quick User Setup and Inspection – Save and load inspection setups for each wheel
  • Automated performance verification
  • Domestic and Global Service and Support




  • Dual control - system can be controlled from the control panel or PC software interface   
  • Manual and automatic stop on defects
  • Return to defect function
  • Wheel inspection in either "flange up" or "flange down" positions
  • Automatic wheel hub grip mechanism – locking pins position and lock wheels in place for testing
  • Automated performance verification – the probe scans the reference block before and after each test and records the results
  • Remote “pause” switch allows for rapid stop and restart – ideal for quickly locating and manually confirming indications
  • Test reports are automatically generated after each inspection
  • Lemo 00 and Lemo 12 (reflection and bridge) connectors located on front of control panel for manual inspection
  • Ethernet connectivity – connect to local network for file storage and backup
  • Large high resolution color display for main controls plus secondary color monitor with camera for overhead close-up view of wheel position and locking
  • Eddy current technology supported by the built-in state-of-the-art EddyCon D universal multi-channel Eddy Current Flaw Detector

SmartScan FA

The OKOndt SmartScan FA provides fully automated wheel inspection with storage of inspection results, database creation and more using the included PC and Eddycon D Flaw Detector

Learn More about the Eddycon D Flaw Detector

Automated Performance Verification

Fully Featured Control Panel with Pause Button

100% Automated Inspection of Wheel Halves

Technical Specifications

Smartscan FA Specifications

Specification Smartscan FA
System Type Fully Automated
Overall Dimensions 47" x 31" x 39" (1200 × 800 × 1000 mm)
Weight No more than 772 lbs (350 kg)
Flaw Detector Eddycon D
ECP Type Pencil probe type with a cylindrical head.
Frequency — 100 kHz, 200 kHz, 500 kHz
ECP diameter – 15/64" (6 mm)
Other standard ECP types – on request
Compatible Wheel Outer Diameter Minimum: 7.5" (190 mm) / Maximum: 35" (889 mm)
Compatible Wheel Inner Diameter Minimum: 1.57" (40 mm) / Maximum: 8" (200 mm) 
Max. System Load 330 lbs (150 kg)
Inspection Helix Adjustable from .004" to .08" (from 0.1 to 2 mm)
Inspection Area Adaptive tracking of the wheel profile surface
ECP Vertical Movement 17 in. (430 mm) 
Rotation Speed 10-120 rpm
Inspection Speed up to 75 fps (23 m/s)
Alarms Visual and Audible
Power Supply 110-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Data Recording and Storage Yes (PC hard drive, database)
Manual Inspection Yes - Lemo 00 and Lemo 12 (reflection and bridge) connectors
Remote Pause Button Yes
Wheel Position Flange up/Flange down
Automatic Reference Block Calibration Yes
Automatic Stop on Defect Yes
Turntable Rubber/plastic coated rolls
Control Panel Built-in
Operation Modes Block, Manual (with automatic reference block calibration), Stop on defect, Automated
Ports 3 – USB ports, HDMI or Display port, Ethernet port
PC Computer Set Wireless keyboard and mouse, monitor, system unit, special purpose software
Adapter Set For wheels without hubs
PN: C20626200  (SAFRAN),
PN: 3-1674 (GOODRICH)
Warranty 1 year from date of delivery



Standard System Includes:

  • Table (frame) with a tray for wheels Wheel hub grip mechanism

  • Wheel lifting / lowering mechanism

  • Wheel rotating mechanism

  • Mechanism for ECP movement in horizontal and vertical planes Support for the reference block

  • System control panel

  • Swing Arm with large color display

  • Secondary color display with camera

  • System documentation including electrical and mechanical schematics and certification

  • Crating and shipping to nearest airport

  • OKOndt guarantees after-sales support for a minimum of 10 years in service

  • 2 Year Warranty

Kit Includes

SmartScan Kit Includes


No. Item Qty.
1 The eddy current tester “SMARTSCAN-FA”(with calibration block, keyboard, mouse, minimum 21" high resolution monitor with swing arm mount, secondary display with camera mount and semi-flexible arm; control analysis software (settings program, testing program, viewing program) 1 set
2 Eddycon D eddy current flaw detector – built-in 1 pc
3 Connecting cable. Lemo 00 – BNC (length – 2.5 m) 2 pcs
4 Wheel hub adapters 3 sets
5 Adapter for wheel control without hub.
p/n С20626200 (SAFRAN), p/n 3-1674 (GOODRICH)
1 pc
6 Spacer (washer) for wheels with protruding locks 1 pc
7 Printer for inspection result output 1 pc
8 Eddy current probe 200 kHz (SU200K6D-380SSh) 3 pcs

Technical Materials:

  • Operator Manual;
  • Maintenance Manual;
  • Operator and Software Manual (USB-flash card);
  • Software Installation Manual;

Other technical articles (Schematics, catalogs, drawings, brochures, etc.)

1 set
10 Certificates 1 set
11 Spare parts (Inductive sensors SIEA, Inductive sensors SIES, Proximity sensors) 1 set
12 2 Year Warranty