P-Series LED UV Videoscope

P-Series LED UV Videoscope

P-Series LED UV Videoscope

The P-Series LED UV Videoscopes are specially designed to enable easy access into hard-to-reach areas, in order to identify fluorescent magnetic particle and dye penetrant indications. They are ideal for industries such as power generation, aerospace and aircraft inspection. The P-Series scopes meet industry-wide UV-A intensity requirements, measuring 2,500 µW/cm2 at 1/2" and 1,500 µW/cm2 at 1” distance from the surface, 365nm peak wavelength. front
Frontoff It's CMOS image process system with 160,000 pixels provides ultra-high clarity and a picture-perfect display. It has an 8" (50.8mm) IPS industrial HD touch LCD screen (1024 x 768 resolution) and interchangeable probes with an electronic magnetic control which can be rotated 360 degrees.

The P-Series is available in 3.9mm (0.15”) and 6.0mm (0.24”) diameters with lengths of 1.0m-2.0m( 3.28'-6.56').

Part # Diameter Length DOV FOV DOF

3.9mm (0.15”)

1m (3.28')

0 Degree 120 Degrees

3-50mm (0.11-1.97”)

RV-INT-P415UV 3.9mm (0.15”)

1.5m (4.92')

N/A 120 Degrees 3-50mm (0.11-1.97”)
RV-INT-P420UV 3.9mm (0.15”)

2m (6.56')

0 Degree 120 Degrees 3-50mm (0.11-1.97”)
RV-INT-P610UV 6.0mm (0.24”)

1m (3.28')

0 Degree 120 Degrees 3-50mm (0.11-1.97”)
RV-INT-P615UV 6.0mm (0.24”)

1.5m (4.92')

0 Degree 120 Degrees 3-50mm (0.11-1.97”)
RV-INT-P620UV 6.0mm (0.24”)

2m (6.56')

0 Degree 120 Degrees 3-50mm (0.11-1.97”)


System Category Description

9.7 x 12.6 x 4.8" (246 x 321 x 123mm)

Weight 5 lbs. (2.3kg)
Display screen 8" (20.32cm) IPS industrial HD touch LCD screen with resolution 1024 x 768 (ratio 4:3)
Control lever Electric rocker with lens able to rotate in 360-degree, automatic set, direction fine tuning adjustable
Functions Photography, video, brightness control, locking and fine tuning
Storage 32G high speed SD card (UP TO 128G)
I/O port SD card, VGA port (1024 x 768), charge and mini USB
Battery/Standby time Four 18650 Lithium batteries (replaceable)
Brightness control 5 degrees each for high and low brightness adjustment,10 degrees in total
Combining form Monitor + probe Separable group
Compatibility Support different diameter probes
Software Operation system Real time multitasking operation system
User interface Touch screen operation menu
File management Support image and video play, delete, format memo and naming
Image control Zoom in/out (1.0X - 1.5X,5 steps), playback, picture freeze-frame, image reversal, mirror image
Image format/Video format JPEG, JPG/AVI (record date and time)
Language English/Chinese/Korean/German/Russian/Japanese
Color settings 4 modes for different applications
White balance Automatic/manual white balance
Exposure mode Automatic/manual/shutter/aperture exposure
Upgrade Upgrade by SD card service pack
Operating Environment Monitor working temperature

14?122°F (-10?50°C)

Video probe working temperature -4?158°F (-20?70°C)
Relative humidity Highest 90%, no condensation
Waterproof Monitor IP54/video probe IP67

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P-UV Series Industrial Videoscope Kits Include:

  • Yateks P Series 8" (20.32cm) Display Monitor Control Device
  • Articulating Scope (specify diameter and length)
  • Interconnect Cable
  • Charger
  • SD card
  • User Manual
  • Shipping/storage Case

Purchasing Detail - This product is not available for purchase online. Please contact us via e-mail for a formal quotation.

P410UV, 3.9mm x 1.0M UV Scope RV-INT-P410UV
P415UV, 3.9mm x 1.5M UV Scope RV-INT-P415UV
P420UV, 3.9mm x 2.0M UV Scope RV-INT-P420UV
P610UV, 6mm x 1.0M UV Scope RV-INT-P610UV
P615UV, 6mm x 1.5M UV Scope RV-INT-P615UV
P620UV, 6mm x 2.0M UV Scope RV-INT-P620UV

Product Literature

Description Part # Saved Price Select Option Add to
P620UV, 6mm x 2M UV Scope RV-INT-P620UV Request Pricing
P615UV, 6mm x 1.5M UV Scope RV-INT-P615UV Request Pricing
P610UV, 6mm x 1M UV Scope RV-INT-P610UV Request Pricing
P420UV, 3.9mm x 2M UV Scope RV-INT-P420UV Request Pricing
P415UV, 3.9mm x 1.5M UV Scope RV-INT-P415UV Request Pricing
P410UV, 3.9mm x 1M UV Scope RV-INT-P410UV Request Pricing