Elotest EloScan

Elotest EloScan

Robotic System for Automated Testing of Bore Holes and Surfaces of Safety-Critical Components. Features ScanAlyzer Software for Data-Logging and Evaluation

Elotest EloScan

The ELOSCAN is an automated scanning system for the eddy-current inspection of engine components. The design of the system is based on the technical specification by GEAE („ Technical Specification for Computer-Controlled Semi Automatic Eddy-Current Scanning System for Life Limited Parts Program, Specification: FST-Generic Eddy Current “). The ELOSCAN test system meets all and even surpasses many of the technical requirements and values mentioned in this specification.

The system consists of a 7 axis robotic manipulator, used in conjunction with a Rohmann Eddy Current Instrument and the ScanAlyzer data acquisition software.

The manipulation system is able to meet all of the required mechanical accuracies contained within the applicable GE and CFMI Specifications. The instrument and data acquisition packages meet all of the requirements of GE SPM 70-32-10 and CFMI SPM 70-38-11. In addition the system can be used with the Rohmann bolthole scanner, to inspect applicable hardware per GE SPM 70-32-07

General Description

The eddy-current scanning system ELOSCAN, is primarily geared towards the eddy-current inspection of rotationally symmetrical engine components, but may – due to its universal design - also be used for the inspection of any complex component, requiring a highly accurate probe guidance along the surface of the part.

The following main components are integrated into the ELOSCAN eddy-current scanning system and put together to form a user-friendly overall system:

  • Proven multi-axis industrial robot to accurately guide the probe, equipped with a universal probe holder for the hassle-free exchange of probe systems for specific applications.
  • Positioning turntable with face plate (Ø 800 mm), for the continuous rotation of the component or to accurately position the component.
  • Teach-terminal with graphics display
  • ScanAlyzer eddy-current scan software to record, display, evaluate and document the measured data
  • IP54 control desks with industrial PC and control elements
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