FlawTech Visual Borescope Kit

FlawTech Visual Borescope Kit

8 Pipe/Elbow Specimens each with 2 ID flaws

Visual Borescope Set

  • Material: 
    • 304 Stainless Steel
    • NPS 1.5" Sch80 Pipe and Long Radius 90° Elbow
  • 8 Specimens:
    • Each specimen will have an elbow end sealed with 0.625" port to allow borescope access.
    • The pipe end will contain a removable plug for ease of viewing during training and access to larger diameter borescopes.
  • Flaws: Each specimen will contain a minimum of 2 ID connected flaws.
    • Combination of pre-service and post-service flaws.
  • Flaw Tolerance: +/- 0.150" (4mm)
  • Document Package Includes: Certificate of Conformance, "As Built" CAD Drawings and Measuring & Testing Equipment Certificates
  • Carrying Case Included
  • Weight: ~35 lbs. 

There is a $5.00 handling fee on FedEx shipments from FlawTech.

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