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ElektroPhysik eXacto

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ElektroPhysik eXacto

The eXacto Series has been replaced with the MiniTest 700 Series!

eXacto Series:

Compact menu driven coating thickness testing instrument for measuring

The eXacto series offers 6 models to choose from featuring an integral probe or with the probe on a lead.

- All coatings on steel e.g. paints, powder coating, enamels, chrome and zinc

- All insulating coatings on non-ferrous metals e.g. anodizing, paint

Measuring Ranges for the eXacto series:

Ferrous applications :
Non-Ferrous Applications :
Combination, dual purpose :

0 to 120 mils
0 to   80 mils
0 to   80 mils


Memory : Yes            Statistics : Yes         Data Transfer : Yes


Click on the link to see more information on the MiniTest 700 Series - MiniTest 700 Series 

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Part #
Product Name Part # Price Qty
eXacto F (Ferrous) CT-EP-MIN-018000

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eXacto F (Ferrous with Probe) CT-EP-MIN-018100

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eXacto N (Nonferrous) CT-EP-MIN-018005

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eXacto NF (Ferrous/NonFerrous) CT-EP-MIN-018015

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eXacto N (NonFerrous with probe on cable) CT-EP-MIN-018105

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eXacto FN (Ferrous/NonFerrous with Probe on cable) CT-EP-MIN-018115

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