Elotest PL1

Elotest PL1

PL-System with up to 64 high performance channels. Contains Magnetizing Yoke for the Tube, Bar and Wire Industries.

Elotest PL1

The ELOTEST PL.l is an open-ended testing-system for industrial applications which can be expanded to 64 channels/ functions for any conceivable task.

Its modular structure ensures highest flexibility for a variety of testing jobs.

Each channel has its own independent microprocessor. The main processor controls all in-system functions, the communication with peripheral instruments and if necessary, the communication to a master computer.

50 user-setups can be stored internally to allow quick access.

Setup and operation can be carried out by either using the soft keys on the control panel, containing a large EL-display for signals and setup parameters, or per remote control from a master computer, PC or VT100-compatible terminal.

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