AFFRI Integral / Revolver / Auto-Brinell Tester

AFFRI Integral / Revolver / Auto-Brinell Tester

Automatic Brinell Hardness Testing with Integral Milling

Production Line Brinell Hardness Testing with Laboratory Accuracy


  • Mills surface
  • Applies specified load
  • Measures using either E10 or E103 methods
  • Reports
  • Rockwell or Vickers measurements (optional)
  • Loading and unloading (optional)


Just one push of the start button activates the test:

  1. Automatic contact with test piece
  2. Automatic milling of test surface clamping
  3. Indenter positioned with automatic loading
  4. Automatic switching to optic lens
  5. Autofocus by image
  6. Automatic measure
  7. Automatic return stroke at programmed distance
  8. The entire test cycle is completed and the result appears
    on a large display + optional Go/NoGo Alarm lights.

Control Panel

Acceptance / Rejection per
ASTM E10 or E103

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