Sherwin Glo-Netic Fluorescent / Oil Spray

Sherwin Glo-Netic Fluorescent / Oil Spray


GLO-NETIC spray is used in the magnetic particle crack detection process by critical industries, including nuclear power, aersopace, shipbuilding and construction. The particles respond to magnetic leakage fields created by cracks and other flaws. They rapidly collect at such fields and when viewed under black light, they reveal and profile flaws as bright, glowing yellow-green marks.

GLO-NETIC spray cans save time and labor. GLO-NETIC particles are premixed in proper concentration for high sensitivity inspection. Particle concentration of the pre-mixed suspension gives a 0.25 to 0.30 ml settling (centrifuge) tube reading. GLO-NETIC spray is always ready when needed. There is no time-consuming weighing and mixing.

Halogen and sulfur content of the GLO-NETIC spray cans is extremely low. Stringent specifications are met. Each batch is analyzed. Proper certification is provided with each shipment.

GLO-NETIC spray cans are a useful and valuable NDT tool. They offer convenience and improve reliability, since the pressure spray evenly disperses the particles in a uniform light oil coating. The coating is free of "clumps".

GLO-NETIC spray is used with both stationary and portable magnetic test the shop or in the field.

Applicable Specifications:
ASME B & P Vessel Code Sec. V, AMS 3045, AMS 3046, ASTM-E-1444, ASTM-E-709, MIL-STD-271 E, MIL-STD 2132, NAVSEA 25-1500-1, MIL-I-6868, NAVSHIPS 250-1500, MIL-STD-271 AND ASTM E138.

Product Literature

Description Part # Saved Price Select Option Add to
Sherwin Glo-Netic 9/16 oz cans MT-SN-GLO-NETIC-9-16 $179.00
Sherwin Glo-Netic, 1 gallon can MT-SN-GLO-NETIC-1 $96.00
Sherwin Glo-Netic, 5 gallon pail MT-SN-GLO-NETIC-5 $310.00