Pacific NDT Accessories

Pacific NDT Accessories

Rugged, Lightweight & Easy to Use

PiX Rhino Protective Armor 3.0


  • Lightweight
  • DR On/Off Switch
  • Mounting Kit for Ferrous and Non-Ferrous circular objects / pipes
  • Snap on handles for mounting
  • Handles to be used in both portrait and landscape mode
  • Insert for Lead & Copper sheets
  • Rugged Carbon fiber frame
  • Thinner Profile
  • ABS body and quick release battery cover
  • Easy snap on battery cover
  • Carrying Case
  • Quick Mount on DR Tripod Stand (available as an option for Concrete & Aerospace Inspection)

PiX Dual Energy Box


  • Lightweight
  • Can be rotated 360 degrees around the tube head for flexibility in the field
  • Helps perform material discrimination using our portable imaging system
  • Can be powered directly from our Pi Gold Control Box.
  • Comes with a slot to place its own batteries if needed.
  • Mounts on the X-ray with a single click
  • Compatible with XRS 150, 200 & 3 Series with 7 pin LEMO connectors
  • Compatible with constant potential generators
  • The system can be turned On/Off directly from the software, while also allowing the flexibility to do it with a single click of the latch button.

PiX Robo Module


  • The Robo Module 1.0 mounts to our DR systems on circular objects. 
  • Robo Module can be mounted / dismounted using a single click & is rated to lift / hold up to 150 lbs. of weight.
  • Optional accessory that connects with all generations of PiX Rhino Armor that encases DR systems.
  • Used for challenges faced by end users in harsh and challenging environments while inspecting pipelines.
  • The mounting kit enhances the DR ease of use in portable pipeline integrity inspections




PiX Control Box


  • These systems allow you to trigger X-Ray and transfer images over long distances
  • They allow you to change X-Ray techniques (set pulses, set delay time, emergency on/off) directly using our software
  • Depending on the application, there are 4 different solutions that can be used:
    • PiX Bronze Control Box: Ideal for relatively less portable applications (Forensics)
    • PiX Silver Control Box: Ideal for pipeline integrity inspection
    • PiX Gold Control Box: Ideal for powerline / Drone applications due to its size and acceptable Line of Sight range requirements
    • PiX Horizon Control Box: Useful during challenging EOD applications due to its long range


PiX Control Box Bronze Silver Gold Horizon
Wireless X-Ray Control
Mounting on X-Ray
Emergency X-Ray Stop
One Pulse Shot
Change Pulses in SW X
Set Delay Time in SW X X
Check X-Ray Battery Levels X X
Control Dual Energy Box X X
Wireless Range (m) 100 100 300


Size (in) 1.5" x 2" x 2" 4" x 3" x 6" 2" x 2.5" x 7.7"

2" x 2.5" x 7.7"

Weight (g) 40 150 130


IP Rating IP65 IP65 IP67



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