Baugh & Weedon Vista Eye

Baugh & Weedon Vista Eye

Efficient Tam Panel or Parts Defect Documentation with Built-in UV and White-Light Illumination


The Vista Eye is a special crack measurement and documentation accessory with built-in UV and white-light illumination. It is used with a laptop PC or with the Baugh & Weedon Vista+ UV lamp. The Vista Eye is used to record images and measure the size of star cracks in TAM/PSM Panels or other types of indications. It is also a great tool for fracture analysis. It features a built-in high resolution camera with 2 Mega-Pixel CCD and 1x - 12x magnification. Flaws are measured using the included PC Software.


Handle Buttons: Adjust, Snapshot, Switch

Key Features

  • Efficient Tam Panel or Parts Defect Documentation
  • Can be used with PC or Vista+ Smart LED UV Lamp (Portable)
  • Self-Calibration
  • Reporting Capabilities

Technical Specifications

Vista Eye Specifications

Crack Measurement Range: 0.0004" - 0.275" (0.01 - 7 mm)
Built-in High Resolution Camera: Customized Sony Camera with 2 Mega-Pixel CCD
Power Source: Connect PC or Phoenix Supreme via USB
LED Source: 2 UV LEDs & 2 White Light LEDs
Weight: 0.66 lbs. (300 g)
Power Supply: Battery and Mains
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Baugh & Weedon Vista Eye Crack Dimension Measurement and Evaluation Accessory, Compatible with the Vista+ and can be Connected Directly to a PC or UV Lamp. Includes Dedicated PC Software and Interface Cable. UV-BW-VISTA-EYE $1,695.00