TSI WHM-3000 Series Magnetic Particle Tester

TSI WHM-3000 Series Magnetic Particle Tester

TSI WHM-3000 Wet Horizontal MPI Bench Unit, 31", 3000 Amp AC/HWDC
TSI WHM-3400 Wet Horizontal MPI Bench Unit, 42", 3000 Amp AC/HWDC
TSI WHM-3600 Wet Horizontal MPI Bench Unit, 72", 3,000 Amp AC/HWDC

TSI WHM-3000 Wet Horizontal MPI Bench Unit

This product has been discontinued, please call us for alternative options.

The WHM-3000 Series Wet Horizontal Magnetic Particle Bench units are 3000 AMP AC/HWDC full featured magnetic particle testers.
Designed for inspection of small to medium sized parts for surface and subsurface flaw detection and demagnetizing.


  • Mag. push button Hip Bar
  • Head Stock air cylinder footswitch
  • Airline pressure regulator
  • Tail Stock on rail rollers
  • 31" (80cm) and 42" (107cm) part length
  • 12" (30cm) ID 5 turn coil on rail rollers
  • 6 x 6" (15 x 15 cm) Head-Tail stock contact area
  • Replaceable Copper pads
  • Replaceable Lead plates
  • Head-Tail stock Delrin "V" groove supports
  • Front and Back hardwood grills.
  • 20 gal (76 L) stainless steel tank
  • Water or oil bath compatible
  • Bath agitator and circulation seal-less pump with ON-OFF switch
  • Hand hose bath applicator
  • Gloss Black panels on silver cabinet


  • Eye level control box
  • Digital LED output current AC/DC meter with hold
  • Infinitely varible current control
  • Quick Break
  • Switchable AC or DC output with LED indicators
  • Switchable Coil and Direct current direction with LED indicators
  • Automatic Demag switch
  • Main power ON-OFF switch with ON indicator light
  • Adjustable .4 to 1.4 second Mag shot duration timer
  • Mag shot LED indicator
  • Readily replaceable Electronic Control box.
  • Circuit Boards acrylic coated for protection

MODELS WHM-3000, WHM-3400 AND WHM-3600


Head Shot: 3000 AC/HWDC AMPS

Coil: 1500 AC?HWDC AMPS - 12" (30 cm)


3000A 0.5 seconds ON and 4 seconds OFF

1500A 0.5 seconds ON and 2 seconds OFF


230/460 VAC 50/60 single phase 100/50 AMP

Note: All TSI Hood Enclosures come inclusive with a Light and Fan Box

Description Part # Saved Price Select Option Add to
TSI WHM-3000, 31", 3000 Amp AC/HWDC MT-TSI-303000 Request Pricing
TSI WHM-3400, 42", 3000 Amp AC/HWDC MT-TSI-303400 Request Pricing
TSI WHM-3600, 72", 3,000 Amp AC/HWDC MT-TSI-303600 Request Pricing
TSI WHM-3001 Hood Enclosure for WHM-3000 MT-TSI-33001 Request Pricing
TSI WHM-3401 Hood Enclosure for WHM-3400 MT-TSI-33401 Request Pricing
TSI WHM-3601 Hood Enclosure for WHM-3600 MT-TSI-33601 Request Pricing