Maurer Degaussing Services

Maurer Degaussing Services

NDT, Inc., in partnership with Maurer Magnetics AG, offers degaussing services in the USA and Canada. Services include on-site and in-house demagnetization.


Maurer Magnetics manufactures unique, high-powered, demagnetizers with patented technology that can reduce residual magnetism to an extremely low level. Maurer’s demagnetizing process penetrates deep into the material so that magnetism does not return. Mobile machines allow us to be at your site in just a few days.

Examples of projects that we have successfully worked include:

Large machines such as sintering presses, steel mill equipment as well as large dies, castings and forgings and even railroad track. Demagnetization is often required due to particle buildup, machining, cleaning and welding issues as well as specification compliance requirements. Buildings containing high tech instruments including, precisely aimed radiation or laser beams can be affected by magnetism in the buildings structure (steel beams, reinforcing bars, etc.). We use the Maurer Magnetics DM200-P, which has sufficient power to demagnetize 16" thick steel, for these applications.

Customers also send us items to demagnetize in our lab or in some cases in our driveway with the items still loaded on the truck.


Other Degaussing Tools

Besides the DM-200P, we also have a DN-1850 + VE, an output up to 2,800 Gauss. It is well suited for demagnetizing hard-to-demagnetize materials such as tungsten carbide tools, stainless steel with localized hard areas, baskets or boxes of parts, etc.

The CT-3U, 10" x 10" Coils can be used independently or with a DN Power Supply for added magnetizing power for general demagnetizing applications and with a twin coil arranged in Helmholtz configuration for long parts.

JE-300 Plate Demagnetizer

HE-2 Hand-Held Demagnetizer

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