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Vidisco Image Gallery

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Vidisco Image Gallery
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Vidisco Image Gallery


  • Nobody Penetrates like Vidisco!
  • Highest Quality X-ray Imaging!
  • Wide Dynamic Range and Excellent Resolution!
  • Advanced Enhancement Tools!


Vidisco Digital Radiography Leads NDT X-ray Imaging!

Digital Radiography (DR) technology is replacing film X-ray in NDT. Vidisco′s portable DR imaging systems are especially designed for field NDT use. The use of Digital Radiography in NDT brings with it the advantages of immediate results. Images are created upon request and are available on the laptop screen for on the spot analysis. There is no longer a need to wait for the NDT results. There is no longer any compromise on result quality, as the image can be reviewed immediately and repeated at once "cost free" if required. Shortened exposure times and reduced shut-down periods, all increase the efficiency of NDT and the safety of NDT technicians. Digital Radiography is an environmentally friendly NDT method that ensures a significant increase in the pace of conducting on site testing. This all translates into increased profitability for NDT service providers.

The below images are only a sample of the superb image quality generated by the Vidisco Pro DR systems. With 14-16 bit dynamic range and 3.5 lp/mm resolution, even the tiniest details become visible. The probability of correct detection is thus significantly increased and acted upon immediately!

Due to Digital Radiology’s significant advantages over film based radiography, it has been adopted by Non Destructive Testing personnel who work in various fields to test many materials. For example, Pipes (Petrochemical industry and refinaries), Welding, Aerospace Industry (e.g. composite materials, ceramics) Art, Casting, Construction and Power lines.

Pipe Under Insulation

Just click on F2 and the adaptive histogram algorithm will quickly assist you in clearly seeing materials of different densities‚ like pipes under insulation.

 Pipe Corrosion

Corroded pipe vs. a clean one. Material erosion is clearly visible with the Emboss 3-D enhancement tool.

Pipe Valve

Overlay mode enables easy viewing of images taken in different exposure levels, for easier detection of different materials. The thick steel valve and its isolative coating are both clearly visible.


Pipe under Insulation - Wall Thickness Measurement

Overlay mode enables a more exact measurement of wall thickness‚ even if the pipe is under insulation when NDT is conducted. Wall thickness automatic tools deliver exact results in great speed!

Ship Hull Weld

Long welds can be quickly and efficiently tested for defects with a portable Digital Radiography system mounted at the production site. With the Automatic Stitching tool, the entire weld can be quickly viewed on screen.

Ship Welding

Welding X-ray images of the highest quality show IQI wires clearly, despite different thickness of steel plates welded together.


Extra sharp images of the highest quality will enable you to see every tiny component. Non digitizing zoom enables precise analysis.

Composite Materials

Various layers of adhesive are clearly seen in the super sharp images! Repairs can be easily tested before parts are returned.


Aerospace - Steel Blade

Special Color algorithm gives different hues to different thickness in the steel blade digital radiography image.

Digital Radiography in the Service of Art

Paintings are testes for typical brush strokes of the artists and paint components, to validate priceless works of art.


Mosaic and other archeological artifacts can be X-rayed on site with minimal movement. External images and testing details are easily stored in the Xbit Pro software database, for high quality documentation of research.


Lion Bronze Cast Statue. Various artifacts can be tested for authenticity‚ despite the hard to penetrate bronze. Creation methods for reconstruction are precisely researched with Digital Radiography imaging.

Ceramic Plates

The tiniest crack can be detected immediately‚ even before the ceramic plate leaves the production line Quality Control.


Veterinary X-ray

Dog Thorax. Veterinary X-ray has never achieved such a quality as fast as when working with a portable digital radiography system!



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