Magnaflux Flat Magnetic Coil

Magnaflux Flat Magnetic Coil

For Non-Contact Magnetic Particle Inspection of Small Parts Such as Fasteners and Ring-like Parts


The Magnaflux Flat Magnetic Coil is a sealed lateral coil that mounts between the head and tail stock to provide indirect magnetization and has a wide flat surface for inspection of multiple small components such as fasteners and ring-like parts. It can be used with any magnetic particle unit or power pack to allow for quick, easy processing of several small parts at one time. Parts can be arranged in line for circular magnetization or across the coil for longitudinal magnetization. Designed to provide a non-contact means of magnetizing ferrous materials (which may be sensitive to direct contact applications) to allow for detection of surface defects using AC or DC currents and some subsurface flaws using DC current only.

To find longitudinal cracks, orient parts with their axes parallel to the coil (Figure 2). To find transverse cracks, orient parts with their axes perpendicular to the coil (Figure 3)


  • 20" (51 cm) long, 6.75" (17 cm) wide
  • 44 lbs. (20 kg)
  • Non-contact method of applying field
  • Without the need for individual part clamping, it can be used to quickly process many small parts, such as fasteners, simultaneously
  • Magnetizes without passing current through the parts
  • Accommodates a variety of sizes and shapes without adjustments
  • Can inspect parts that are painted or coated
  • Magnetizes and demagnetizes with either AC or DC currents
  • No part surfaces hidden by contact points
  • Can be used with any magnetic particle power pack or unit
  • Holding fixtures available to keep parts in proper orientation
  • Includes two handles for loading and unloading
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Magnaflux Flat Magnetic Coil for Non-contact MPI on small parts on wet bench equipment MT-MX-611700 $8,616.00