Integrity Products Termination Seal

Integrity Products Termination Seal

Watertight Seal for Insulation Termination, a Long Lasting Replacement for Traditional Metal End Caps

High Quality Rubber, Watertight Seal

Integrity Products Termination Seals are an effective and long lasting solution to replace traditional metal end caps. They are made from a high quality silicone rubber and designed to form a watertight seal for metal end caps at insulation terminations. They offer an easy seal solution between the process pipe and the end cap which is a high risk area for moisture ingress. To accommodate all pipe diameters this product is supplied in 100' coils and is easily cut to suit the circumference of the pipe.

Product Applications

Integrity Products Termination Seals are used to form a watertight seal where metal ends cap are being utilized to terminate an insulation section. Where traditionally silicone sealant is used to fill the gap at the contact point between the metal end cap and the process pipe, the Termination Seal offers a more effective and long lasting solution to this difficult task. Easy to cut and fix to the piping using stainless steel banding the Integrity Products Termination Seal ensures a consisted and long lasting solution while also protect the piping and coating from damage caused by scratching when installing metal end caps.

Technical Specifications

Termination Seal Specifications

Materials Silicone
Color Grey
UV Resistance Excellent
Ozone Resistance Excellent
Tensile Strength 6.3 MPa
Elongation 586%
Temperature Range -76°F to 464°F (-60°C to 240°C)
Constant Temperature
Shore Hardness 63 Durometer

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Integrity Products IWT Termination Seal 1.5" Silicone - 100 ft. Roll CUI-IP-TS-100 $1,593.35