NDR Products Model 65-C1

NDR Products Model 65-C1

Twin Deluxe X-Ray Viewer

*NOTE: This product has been replaced by the LCNDT FV-2014-IRIS

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Model 65-C1 Twin Deluxe X-Ray Viewer

The most popular film viewer made anywhere!

Combines a full 14 x 17 inch viewing area and a 4" diameter "bright spot."

Illumination of the viewing area is changed, by depressing a foot switch which is included with the basic unit.

X-ray film is held in place for viewing by a hidden film holder.

The "brite spot" is cooled by a fan and a sheet of pyrex heat reflecting glass.

All steel construction, protected by attractive textured blue finish and trimmed with polished chrome strips.

A hinged top lid makes it easy to change bulbs.

Supplied with 500 Watt DXB Incandescent Bulbs

No-charge option ELH 300 Watt Halogen Bulbs

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