NDT LPI Wash Manifold

NDT LPI Wash Manifold

Panel Mounted Rinse Gun System


The Panel Mounted Rinse Gun System arrives fully assembled, ready for use. Approved type, hand held rinse gun with nozzle and 10' hose.

  • Water pressure regulator
  • Calibrated water pressure gauge with supporting paperwork
  • Calibrated water temperature gauge with supporting paperwork
  • Water pressure calibration port, plugged
  • Water temperature calibration port, plugged
  • Hot/cold mixing valve
  • Hot water inlet service valve
  • Cold water inlet service valve
  • Spray gun service valve
  • Aluminum mounting panel

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AIM Panel Mounted Rinse Gun System (Penetrant Wash Manifold) PT-AIM-LPI-WASH-MANIFOLD $2,185.00