NAVSHIPS 250 -1500 (NAVSEA 271) - Individual IQI's

NAVSHIPS 250 -1500 (NAVSEA 271) - Individual IQI's

NAVSHIPS 250 -1500 (NAVSEA 271) - Individual IQI's

A notching system, as listed below, is used for identifying rectangular I.Q.I.'s on the radiograph. These grades correspond with the notching system below and are grouped according to their increasing attenuation. Lead figures identify the thickness of the material to be radiographed. The I.Q.I is further identified by electro-chemically etching the material and the specification.

Notching System:

Group 1 Steel, Stainless Steel, or Manganese No notches
Group 2 Aluminum-Bronze 1 notch on end
Group 3 Inconel 2 notches on end
Group 4 Nickel, Copper, Monel, or Cupro-Nickel 1 notch on top edge
Group 5 Phosphor Bronze 2 notches on top edge

For further information about I.Q.Is, click on this link - Radiography Product Guide

*Material and size must be specified when ordering


Note: Serialized radiographic products are not returnable.

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