RADAC Custom & Shaped Imaging Plates & Protectors

RADAC Custom & Shaped Imaging Plates & Protectors

Flexible Imaging Plates and Matching Plate Protectors


Quality Assured – RADAC's use of the best materials and manufacturing techniques combined with rigorous quality control throughout the production process ensures that RADAC cassettes are free from defects.

Customized “Special” sizes – RADAC can manufacture custom sized and irregular shaped flexible Imaging Plates with matching covers in any shape to meet your requirements specification.

Standardization –RADAC custom shaped and sized Imaging Plates are machine cut ensuring that each plate is the same size

Lower whole life cost – Pro-long the serviceable life and Protect your custom flexible Imaging Plates from scratching and accidental damage in use by ordering RADAC's matching plate protectors.

Precision made – RADAC are the leading manufacturer of bespoke precision made custom sized and shaped Imaging Plates, being manufactured to fine tolerances they are widely used and relied upon in the following fields: Nuclear Industry, Aircraft Engines, General Engineering, and Pressure Vessels.

  • Nuclear Industry
  • Aircraft Engines
  • General Engineering
  • Pressure Vessels

RADAC Custom Flexible Imaging Plates and example RADAC with matching plate protector

Purchasing Details

RADAC Custom Shaped Flexible Imaging Plates are manufactured to meet the customers exact requirements. To obtain a quote, please contact us and provide the following information:

  1. Engineering drawing showing all dimensions for the imaging plate
  2. The type / specification of imaging plate required
  3. Whether matching custom shaped cassettes are required
  4. The quantities required
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