Western Instruments WC-6UW Underwater AC Yoke

Western Instruments WC-6UW Underwater AC Yoke

Underwater Yoke

The WC-6UW was developed for Underwater use, such as for Offshore Platforms, Pipelines, Ships and more. Powered from a switchable Top Side power supply; 115 or 230 VAC, Pulsed DC, or a 12 Volt Battery. Features the same End Cap/Strain Relief from the rest of the WC-Series yokes, except it is filled with Urethane and bonded to the yoke body. Can be fully submerged up to 300 feet (91m). The WC-6UW is supplied with a 4' Urethane Pig Tail, or optionally with up to 250 feet (76m) of power cable.

Technical Specifications

WC-6UW and WC-6UWK Specifications

Specification WC-6UW (115V) WC-6UWK (230V)
Voltage 115VAC 230VAC
Frequency 60 Hz 50 Hz
Current 4.0 Amps 2.0 Amps
Controls Top Side or Approved Underwater Device

<10 Pounds (4.5kg) in AC

<50 Pounds (23kg) in DC

Pole Spacing 0-11" (0-280mm)
Pole Cross Section 1" (5mm)
Weight 6.5 Pounds (3.0kg)
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Western Instruments WC-6UW Compact Underwater AC Yoke, 115V/60Hz MT-WI-WC-6UW Request Pricing
Western Instruments WC-6UWK Compact Underwater AC Yoke, 230V/50Hz MT-WI-WC-6UWK Request Pricing