Remsco SB-1500 and SB-1500X

Remsco SB-1500 and SB-1500X

High Intensity Film Viewer

REMSCO SB-1500 & SB-1500X High Intensity Film Viewers

The SB1500 and SB1500X have been DISCONTINUED - See the following links for replacement options: FV-2010 Plus, M-Series or the X3


Six Tungsten-Halogen Projector Lamps with Pre-Focused Dichroic Multi-Facet Reflectors, concentrate up to 1500 Watts of high temperature light evenly distributed over the entire 4 1/2 “ (13cm) x 17” (41cm) viewing surface. H & D Film densities up to 4.2 may be illuminated to the desired variable intensity by using the specially designed solid state rheostat type dimmer control.


  • Case Center Mounted on the Base
  • Rotates 360 degrees in 15 Increment Stops
  • Viewing surface should face upwards for operations and downwards for carrying
  • Light Masks are Stored in the Base for Transport
  • Power Cord Disconnects at Case
  • Foot-switch Cord set Disconnects at Case
  • Both Cord sets are stored in the base or Interior for transport

Light Masks:

A short Light Mask is used for blocking out excess lighted areas on Viewing Surface when interpreting short films. A 70mm Light Mask is used for reducing the lighted area on viewing surface. Source to accommodate 70mm wide (pipeline) film.


  • Case and Base: Hi-Impact Plastic
  • Insulation: 1/4 “Thick, Rated 2000F, Fastenings and Exhaust System and Internals: Aluminum, Plastics and Stainless
  • Electrical Components: Standard Material


Front and Rear Sections connected by Quick-Release Latches. Front and Rear Wiring Bundles connected by Automatic Electrical Interlock


All electrical devices and their mountings are GROUNDED through connections to the Power Inlet Socket. An AUTOMATIC HIGH TEMPERATURE LIMIT SWITCH turns lights OFF, if internal air temperature reaches 125 F and allows lights to come back ON, when internal air temperature lowers to 115 F. Fan failure and Film Protection.


  • SB-1500: 120 Volts/13 Amps
  • SB-1500X (Export Conversion) : 208-250 Volts/6 Amps


  • Dual Forced Draft Exhaust Fans 400 CFM (11.2 cu.m)
  • Air Changes by Volume: 333 Per Minute
  • Tempered Heat Absorbent Glass Barrier


  • Length: 26.5” (67.6cm)
  • Width 7.5”(19.0cm)
  • Height (Less Handle): 15.0”(38.1cm)


Total Net Weight including Foot-switch and Power Service Cord: 19.0 Pounds (8.6Kg)
Total Shipping Weight: 23.0 Pounds (10.5 Kg).


  • 4 1/2 x 17" Viewing Window
  • 4.2 HD Max Film Density
  • Average Lamp Life: 200 hours
  • All Plastic Case & Base
  • Variable Position Mounting
  • Internal Insulated Case
  • World Standards Certified
  • 200 Hour Rated Lamps
  • Tungsten-Halogen Lamps
  • Reflected Light Projection
  • Rubber Booted Main Switch
  • Stainless Steel Footswitch
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • SB-1500: 120 Volts / 13 Amps
  • SB-1500X: 208 - 250 Volts / 6 Amps
  • Six Tungsten-Halogen Project Lamps (1500 Watts)
  • Length 26.5" Width 7.5" Height 15"
  • Total Net Weight 19 Pounds
  • Total Shipping Weight 23 Pounds
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