Kowotest Small 6"x10" CR Phantom

Kowotest Small 6"x10" CR Phantom

Simplified for Testing All Parameters of CR Scanner Systems

A Smaller, Simpler CR Phantom

The Basic CR Phantom 6" x 10” (160 mm x 250 mm) is a simplified version of the 14x17” panel. Meets all requirements for testing relevant parameters of CR Scanner Systems, like basic spatial resolution (with added duplex iqi), unsharpness, contrast, MTF, laser beam jitter, scanner slipping and shading. These tests are performed periodically according to ASTM E 2445, ISO 16371-1 and EN 14784-1 standards.

  • Insertable / removable Duplex IQIs (cost savings for customers who already have the duplex)
  • Complete test evaluation is possible with one exposure using IP of only 4" (10 cm) – all IQIs will fit on this width. For linearity check the 1 mm balls can be used which are also in this 10 cm width range.


CR-Phantom 6x10" (160 x 250 mm), made in accordance to ISO 16371-1, ASTM E 2445

Design Updates

  • Smaller T Target. Tests can be performed as usual
  • No Duplex IQIs. Duplex IQI’s must be purchased separately. They can be added or removed from the designated cut outs as needed.
  • No Line Pair Gauges, type 39. Duplex IQI can be used for resolution tests.
  • Additional Linearity Check test. Tungsten balls (dia. 1.5 mm) with 25 mm distance for i.e. only 10 cm (4 inch) wide IPs.
  • No Positioning Locator. As a substitute there are 4 arrows in the middle of each edge to show center of panel.
  • Smaller Al strip. Tests can be performed as usual.
  • No Contrast Sensitivity Gauge – CU. Not necessary as at 90 kV copper cannot be irradiated.
The Duplex IQI can be easily inserted or taken out


(Numbers refer to the diagram on the right)

  Test Material Application
1 T-Target - Brass Laser beam jitter, MFT check, blooming (Flare)
2 Duplex Wire Type IQI
(If Purchased)
Basic spatial resolution, unsharpness
3 BAM Snail Central beam alignment
4 EL, EC, ER Measuring Points Shading correction
5 Homogenous AL Strip Scanning, slipping, shading
6 Inch / cm Ruler Linearity check
7 Contrast Sensitivity Gauge Contrast sensitivity check



6" x 10" x 0.65" (160 x 250 x 16.5 mm)



Scope of Supply:

  •  CR Phantom, Type 1, ASTM E2445, no Duplex IQI, 6 x 10” (160 x 250 mm) (RT-KT-11-00218)
  • Test Certificates according to ASTM E 2445, EN 14784-1 and ISO 16371-1
  • Declaration of Conformity according to EN 45014.
  • Wood Case

Description Part # Saved Price Select Option Add to
Kowotest CR Phantom, Type 1, ASTM E2445, no Duplex IQI, 6 x 10” (160 x 250 mm), including test certificate and wood case RT-KT-11-00218 $4,735.00
Kowotest Duplex IQI, D-13 (11 00155) RT-KT-DUPLEX-D13 $1,450.00
Kowotest Duplex IQI, D-15 (11 00160) RT-KT-DUPLEX-D15 $2,025.00
Kowotest Duplex Wire Type IQI, ISO 19232-5, ASTM E2002, 17D UHiRes (11 00165) RT-KT-DUPLEX-D17 $2,600.00