Balteau LLX110-DA Portable X-ray Generator

Balteau LLX110-DA Portable X-ray Generator


The LLX110-DA is a high frequency, constant potential, and Directional Air cooled portable X-ray generator that can be used in combination with digital detectors. LLX is the latest result of 65 years of expertise of Balteau in portable units combined to 25 years of Constant Potential equipment manufacture. LLX is the answer to your requirements for field inspection especially where quality requirements and speed of inspection are essentials. The LLX110-DA has been engineered especially to answer inspection of light components in places where x-ray exposures are limited.

Common applications include: Art, museum, Aeronautics, composites & plastics, Digital applications (flat panels, CR or linear detectors), X-ray cabinets


  • Extremely stable dose output for digital applications
  • Constant potential high frequency generator
  • Current up to 12mA
  • Metal-ceramic tube
  • Two focal spot available with Beryllium window
  • Energy recovery module
  • Safety first, x-ray start with 2 buttons


  • Low weight
  • Ergonomic rubber handle
  • Extremely small head diameter
  • Full automatic preheating process
  • Low power requirement
  • Cables with reduced size and weight
  • Can be delivered with our 900g hand-XD
  • Including a Geiger-Müller detector
  • RS232 serial link designed to be connected to digital detectors (ex. EPro Series) and computers
  • Works on power generator
  • CANON mil. metallic connectors

Control Unit Options

Each control unit features: 1 kV min step, 0.1 mA min step, 1 second to 99 minutes time min step, 100 memories/last exposure, and a display with 4 lines and green back lighting.


Default Kit Control Unit

Designed to cope with harsh environment and bad power supplies for a stable and constant output no matter what power feeds the unit. The waterproof ergonomic keypad and the large robust handles attached on the side are making it ideal for on site jobs as well as desktop uses. Because power availability on sites is not that often easy to obtain, the DC1 unit uses the minimum power possible. Weighs 9.2 kg.

DC1 Details


Optional Wireless Remote Control

A revolutionary wireless remote control which can operate a generator remotely from up to 100 m in open fields. Perfect for cluttered environments where cables could be at risk or not long enough. With a built in Dosimeter and controls that are always at your fingertips, the Hand-X offers extra security and safety. 8 hour charge capacity and weighs 900 g.

Hand-XD Details

Technical Specifications

LLX110-DA Specifications

Specifications LLX110-DA-0 LLX110-DA-1
High Voltage Range 5 - 100 kV 5 - 110 kV
Tube Current Range 0.5 - 12 mA
Maximum Anode Power Dissipation 600 Watt
Beam Angle 60° x 40°
Focal Spot Size (IEC336) 0.4 x 0.4 mm 1.5 x 1.5 mm
Focal Spot Size (EN12543) 1.0 mm 3.0 mm
Steel Penetration at Max* 12 mm 15 mm
Protection IP65
Temperature Switch 70  °C
Inherent Filtration 0.8 mm (Be)
Anode Cooling Type Air
Duty Cycle 100%
Mains 180 - 260 V
Weight 16 Kg (without rings)
Tubehead Metal-ceramic
Control Unit DC1 or Hand-XD

* FFD= 700mm/Film Carestream Industrex AA400/D=2.0/t=10min

Kit Includes

Standard Equipment

  • Internal pressure gauge
  • Heavy duty lock type connector
  • 20m connecting cable for control unit
  • 10m power cable
  • Cradle with heavy duty hand rings
  • Holder for centering device filter & diaphragm
  • Bag for accessories
Optional Equipment

  • Lead shutter
  • Warning flashing light & repeater
  • Transport case
  • 4 legs adjustable stand
  • Hydraulic stand
  • 100-260 V adapter
  • RS232 link

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