PH Diversified - Level 1

PH Diversified - Level 1

Revised Convair-General Dynamics Self Teaching Books

PH Diversified Programmed Instruction Books-Level I

Revised General Dynamics Nondestructive Testing Handbooks

What has happened to the old GD books?

As most NDE/NDT educator's already know, the General Dynamics books are the basis for more Level I and Level II training programs than any other set of textbooks.

PH Diversified, Inc. has revised these books to reflect the newer technologies and to address more than just the aerospace industry. As most of you know, the books were originally developed by NASA for the space program at a cost of over a million dollars.

Keeping the same proven format, PH Diversified has revised and copyrighted their new books, by using new graphics and updated technology in each of the following NDT methods: UT, MT, PT and ET.

How are the GD books being used in NDT training?

Typically the “Classroom Training (CT) Handbooks” are used to organize and structure the lecture sessions. The “Programmed Instruction (PI) Books” are then used both as self-study and for guidance during equipment usage and practical applications. The GD books provide a cross-reference guide, so that assignments made in the CT books can be directly correlated to the PI book.

Also, the “Handbook of Nondestructive Evaluation” should be on the desk of every instructor or Level III. It was written by Charles (Chuck) Hellier and is an excellent compliment and reference guide when used in conjunction with the revised General Dynamics books.

The PI Books are often considered Level II books as they can be used beyond Level I to expand applications, technique development, equipment usage and NDT procedure development. At this level, the “Hellier Book” also becomes a valuable reference.


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Note: These books are currently not available from ASNT.

Level I - Programmed Instruction Books

This entry level material is designed as self-study instruction with quizzes at the end of each chapter to reinforce learning. The "Introduction to NDT" book (PI-1) should be read prior to starting any of the other books in the series. About 10-12 hours is required to complete each volume of Programmed Instruction (PI) text. Written examinations suitable for Level 1-11 qualifications are included in the PI series. Level II qualifications must also include questions addressing specific applications.

Note: These books are available on flash drives as well.

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Description Part # Saved Price Select Option Add to
Introduction to NDT (1 Book) TM-FT-PI-1 $38.00
Introduction to NDT (1 Book on Flash Drive) TM-FT-PI-1-FD $23.00
Liquid Penetrant Testing (1 Book) TM-FT-PI-2 $38.00
Liquid Penetrant Testing (1 Book on Flash Drive) TM-FT-PI-2-FD $23.00
Magnetic Particle Testing (2 Book Set) TM-FT-PI-3 $76.00
Magnetic Particle Testing (2 Book Set on Flash Drive) TM-FT-PI-3-FD $46.00
Ultrasonic Testing (3 Book Set) TM-FT-PI-4 $114.00
Ultrasonic Testing (3 Book Set on Flash Drive) TM-FT-PI-4-FD $69.00
Eddy Current Testing (2 Book Set) TM-FT-PI-5 $76.00
Eddy Current Testing (2 Book Set on Flash Drive) TM-FT-PI-5-FD $46.00