Maurer DM-200P Mobile High Power Demagnetizer

Maurer DM-200P Mobile High Power Demagnetizer

Thorough Demagnetization, Mobile, and Easy to Use

The Most Powerful Mobile Demagnetizer

The MM DM-200P Mobile Demagnetizer is used to demagnetize large shafts, pipes, structures and machines. It is the most powerful of all mobile demagnetizers. Using multi-conductor cables, which can be combined if needed, to build an extremely high-ampere-turn coil for maximum demagnetizing pulse capable of penetrating 16" (400mm) of steel.


Thorough Demagnetization

Due to the high power AC pulse combined with energy feeding, the demagnetization from the DM-200P is incredibly thorough, making it the best in its class. There is no re-magnetization of the steel, making it well-suited for demagnetization of components prior to assembly or welding.


Quick Demagnetization

Application of the "lay on method" for the cable coils (no winding needed) allows quick demagnetization of large steel components with a short demagnetization pulse of ~10 seconds.


Easy to Use

The DM-200P eliminates the need for a degaussing specialist. The simple layout makes operation as simple as a push of a button, and the lack of extra, unnecessary controls makes it easier to achieve more consistent results every time. 

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