Scandico EC1 UV-A Portable Meter

Scandico EC1 UV-A Portable Meter

Easy to Operate Digital Radiometer


The Scandico EC1 UV-A Meter is a compact, lightweight and easy to operate, digital radiometer for measuring and calibrating UV-A black light sources used in fluorescent penetrant testing and fluorescent magnetic particle inspections for non-destructive testing. Available models: single point or 5-point calibration.

Provides accurate measurement of radiation over a range of 0.001 – 2,000 W/m2 with both automatic zeroing and on/off switch, the only controls needed are a four-position range selection switch and a hold button for retaining the display value. Each radiometer model comes with a carrying case, instructional brochure, and 9V battery. Meets EN ISO 3059 standards for non-destructive testing. A serialized Certificate of Conformance and Validation Report are included.


Technical Specifications

EC1 Specifications

Detector Silicon photodiode
Measuring Range 0.001-2,000 W/m² (0.1-200,000 μW/cm²)
Spectral Sensitivity 315-380 nm
Accuracy Better than ±4% (±1 in last digit)
Power Supply 9 Volt battery type PP3 Alkaline
Dimensions 135 x 75 x 35 mm or or 5.3” x 2.9” x 1.4
Weight 0.19 kg or 6.7oz
Temperature Drift <21°C +0.25% / °C
>21°C -0.15% / °C
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