ETher NDE Phase Plane Instruments

ETher NDE Phase Plane Instruments

The Cutting Edge of Portable Handheld Eddy Current Testing Technology

Cutting Edge Handheld Eddy Current Testing

Given the many years of experience that the ETher NDE team bring to the “Phase Plane” line of products, the PhaseCheck, ETherCheck, WeldCheck, AeroCheck and AmCheck are the most current in portable handheld eddy current testing. These 5 instruments may share the same housing, but they are each designed specifically for different applications, ensuring that whatever your needs are, there's an ETher NDE instrument just for you.


  • Lighter and smaller design with the same clear daylight readable display
  • Better Signal to Noise electronics
  • Higher sample rate in support of faster scanning speeds (hand/rotor)
  • Ease of use - easier calibration, more gain, better defect resolution, faster screen update
  • Advanced usability features such as Trace, Loop and Guides
  • Record and replay capability which allows for test set up, enhancement, or adjustments in the field
  • The capability of recording live data and the PC SW integration is ideal for classroom applications, where data can be created and recorded for the purpose of showing it during classes.
  • ETherCheck Line support multimode testing (EC/BondTest) and connectivity for scanning devices in support of C-Scan display.


ETher WeldCheck 3

With Real-Time Readings and Dual Frequency w/ Conductivity

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ETher AeroCheck

Optional Dual Frequency, Rotary, and Conductivity

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ETher PhaseCheck

With C-Scan Capabilities

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ETher ETherCheck

With Pitch-Catch Bond Testing and Resonance Testing

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ETher AmCheck

With C-Scan, Designed for the Additive Manufacturing industry

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ETher NDE Phase Plane Instrument Family

Supported Feature WeldCheck 3 WeldCheck 2 WeldCheck + AeroCheck 2 AeroCheck + PhaseCheck AmCheck ETherCheck ETherCheck-R
Real-Time Readings
All-in-One Display
Conductivity and Coating
Thickness Measurement
Rotary Scanner      
Dual Frequency and Mixing    
Pitch-Catch Bond Test Mode              
Resonance Testing                

Top-Quality Warranties for Top-Quality Instruments

ETher NDE is unique in that they offer warranty coverage unlike anyone else in the field. All ETher Phase Plane Instruments come with the standard 3-year warranty, which covers all components of the instrument and only excludes customer damage or misuse. However, you can also opt in for an extended 6-year ETherCover warranty plan, putting it truly in a league of its own.


The ETherCover 6-Year Extended Warranty Includes:

  • Free of Charge Annual Re-calibration and Health Check for five years commencing at the end of year one
  • One Free of Charge Battery Swap within the six year period (if required)
  • One Free of Charge Keypad Replacement within the six-year period (if required)
  • Guaranteed Fast Repair
  • Free of Charge Software Upgrades within the six year period