NDT Tri-Con Spray Wash Gun

NDT Tri-Con Spray Wash Gun

Mil-Spec Quality

Recommended for Penetrant Wash Stations

The model C125N 1/2HH 25 has been recognized by Boeing and the U.S. military, as the best wash gun/nozzle to use for the removal of excess penetrant prior to inspection.

These nozzles are certified to provide a full cone spray pattern of uniform distribution at 4 gallons per minute at 40 p.s.i.

Meets ASTM E 1417 requirements producing a coarse spray for low pressure rinsing of penetrate material from parts specified for use on aircraft parts.

The Tricon Spray Wash Gun Repair Kit Includes:

  • Retainer Cap with O-ring
  • Gland Nut
  • Steel Spring
  • 3/4" Hose Washer - where hose connects to nozzle
  • Brass Internal Valve Stem with O-Ring
  • O-Ring for Water Outlet
  • O-Ring for Valve Stem packing

Note: There is a $25.00 small order fee for orders valued less than $50.00

Description Part # Saved Price Select Option Add to
Tri-Con Wash Gun (Complete) PT-IT-TRICON $80.00
Tri-Con Spray Wash Gun Repair Kit PT-IT-V-S-1/2HH-25-D $25.00