Magnaflux UV-A Black & White Light Meters

Magnaflux UV-A Black & White Light Meters

UV-A Black & White Light Meters


Magnaflux's non-destructive testing light meters will help you check and measure the levels of light as part of regular NDT testing system performance checks to ensure inspection quality and reliability.

2 Models Available: the UVM3059 Digital UV Light Meter and the Visible Light Meter.

The UVM3059 replaces the old Magnaflux UV-A Meter (PN: 625024).

UVM3059 UV Light Meter

PN 133200 (Replacement for PN 625024)

The UVM3059 is designed for measuring ultraviolet radiation, primarily for use in non-destructive material testing. It was developed according to the specifications of ISO 3059. The housing is dust and splash-proof according to protection class IP54. The optical sensor is integrated into the surface of the meter. Calibration certificate included.

Visible Light Meter

PN 622338

The Visible Light Meter accurately measures visible light in either foot-candles or lux and includes a permanently affixed visible light sensor specially constructed to measure visible white light in the range of 400-760 nm for non-destructive testing. The digital readout is adjustable with ranges of 20, 200, and 2000 foot-candles; or 200, 2000, and 20,000 Lux. Calibrated to +/- 5% accuracy, the Visible Light Meter meets NADCAP requirements, and meets the requirements for all penetrant and magnetic particle inspections.

Technical Specifications

UVM3059 UV Black Light Meter Specifications

Display Backlit digital graphic display, 160 x 64 px
Power Supply 9V block battery (PP3, 6LR61)
Current Consumption max. 16mA
Battery Life Approx. 50 hours measuring time (at medium display brightness)
Automatic Switch-off After 5 minutes
Measuring Range 0.5 - 100 W/m², 50 - 10,000 µW/cm², 0.05 - 10 mW/cm² (each range individually selectable)
Light Sensitivity UV-A radiation with 365 nm wavelength (see chart below)
Languages Operator’s menu available in English, German, and French
Dimensions 4.7" x 2.5" x 0.8" (120 x 65 x 22 mm) in its plastic housing
White Light Meter Specifications

Spectral Range 400 to 760 nm
Operation Range Range selection 0 to 2,000 ft-candles / 0 to 20,000 lux
Accuracy +/-5% of full scale or 0.5 ft-candles, whichever is greater
Sampling Time 1 Second
Sensor Cord Length 42 in / 107 cm
Power Supply DC 9V Battery
Dimensions 5.7" x 2.9" x 1.4" (14.5 x 7.4 x 3.6 cm)
Weight 0.4 lb / 0.2 kg

Specification Compliance

UVM3059 UV Light Compliance

  • ISO 3059
  • ASTM E2297
  • ASTM E1444
  • NADCAP AC7114/1
  • NADCAP AC7114/2
Visible Light Meter Compliance

  • ASTM E2297
  • ISO 3059

For use with systems conforming to:

  • ASTM A275
  • ASTM E165
  • ASTM E709
  • ASTM E1208 / E1209 / E1210 / E1219
  • ASTM E1220 / E1418
  • ASTM E1417
  • ASTM E1444
  • ASTM E3024
  • ASME BPVC Section V
  • ISO 3452
  • ISO 9934
  • ANSI / API 6A
  • NADCAP AC7114/1
  • NADCAP AC7114/2
Description Part # Saved Price Select Option Add to
Magnaflux UVM3059 UV Light Meter with Certification (Replacement for PN 625024) UV-MX-133200 $1,798.00
Magnaflux Visible White Light Meter with Battery, Carrying Case and Certification UV-MX-622338 $818.00