NDT Developing Reels & Rods

NDT Developing Reels & Rods

Developing Reels for Radiography

A reliable developing reel made of durable ABS plastic, designed for the developing of 70mm role film. 90mm, 100mm and 4.5" developing reels are also available.  Each reel requires two wheels and one hub and will hold up to 13 feet of roll film.

Purchasing Options:

  • Assembled Developing Reels
  • Unassembled Developing Reels - Wheels, & Hubs (Minimum order of 100)
  • Prices are subject to change without notice. Please verify the price at the time of your order.

Developing Rods

Our film reel developing rod is available in two models. A PVC model 3/4" x 24", to ensure minimum contamination of chemicals and a hardwood dowel model, constructed of 3/4" x 18" with a 1/4" crosspiece; not fancy but effective.

Volume pricing available for Assembled Developing Reels starting at 100+ units. Contact us for volume pricing.

Minimum order size $150.00 to avoid $25.00 small order fee. Can combine with other products to reach minimum.

Description Part # Saved Price Select Option Add to
Developing Reel, Assembled, 70mm RT-SOM-DR-70C $16.51
Developing Reel, Assembled, 90mm RT-SOM-DR-90C $19.41
Developing Reel, Assembled, 100mm RT-SOM-DR-100C $19.70
Developing Reel, Assembled, 4.5" RT-SOM-DR-4.5C $19.70
Developing Reels, Unassembled, 70mm (minimum order 100 units - 100 Hubs, 200 Wheels) RT-SOM-DR-70CU $11.62
Developing Reels, Unassembled, 90mm (minimum order 100 sets - 200 wheels & 100 hubs) RT-SOM-DR-90CU $13.70
Developing Reels, Unassembled, 100mm (minimum order 100 units - 100 Hubs, 200 Wheels) RT-SOM-DR-100CU $15.44
Developing Reels, Unassembled, 4.5" (minimum order 100 units - 100 Hubs, 200 Wheels) RT-SOM-DR-4.5CU $16.24
Hardwood Dowel Film Developing Rod - 3/4" x 18", with a 1/4" crosspiece RT-SOM-FDR-HW $9.34
PVC Manual Film Developing Rod, 3/4" x 24" RT-SOM-FDR-PVC $14.51