Circle Systems Mi-Glow Underwater 12

Circle Systems Mi-Glow Underwater 12

Replacement for the discontinued Mi-Glow Underwater 1 & Mi-Glow UW 528

Circle Systems Mi-Glow® Underwater 12

Mi-Glow® Underwater 12 is red particles pre-mixed with a powdered Wetting Agent for use in underwater inspection. These particles have a range of sizing from fine to medium sized, allowing them to detect a broader range of discontinuities. Designed for use in a variety of underwater inspections, including offshore structural welds, pipeline inspection, ship husbandry and to enhance underwater photography.

Physical Characteristics:
Red powder with a slight detergent odor.

Particle Color Particle Size AMS Standard SAE Sensitivity* Temperature Range
Fluorescent Orange / Red < 12 µm N/A N/A 32°F - 120°F (0°C - 49°C)

*Representative of the number of lines shown on an AISI 01 Ketos steel ring defined in SAE AS5282.

Description Part # Saved Price Select Option Add to
Circle Systems Mi-Glow #UW12, 2 lb. jar MT-CS-FG-2751 $242.00
Circle Systems Mi-Glow #UW12, 25 lb. pail MT-CS-FG-2753 $2,221.00