Integrity Products Termination Gasket

Integrity Products Termination Gasket

Integrity Products Termination Gasket

The Integrity Products Termination Gasket is used at insulation terminations in place of traditional metal end caps or bevels. Installed at regular intervals or at strategic locations, the Termination Gasket is also designed to compartmentalize the pipe insulation system by breaking it into sections which contain any water ingress. The Termination Gasket will stop moisture from traveling along an insulation system and destroying the insulation. The Termination Gasket is made from a high performing solid state silicone which creates a completely watertight seal at insulation terminations, protecting your insulated assets and saving you money on future maintenance costs and protecting against potential failures due to Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI). The Termination Gasket does not require any modifications to fit, reducing install time and cutting costs significantly.


  • Ensures completely watertight terminations
  • Allows compartmentalization of the insulation systems
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Made from a high performing solid state silicone
  • Available in all pipe sizes and insulation thicknesses
  • Eliminates injury from sharp edges with metal end caps and bevels
  • No risk of damage to heat tracing or coating systems


Materials: Solid State Silicone
Color: Grey
Temperature Range: -120°F to 480°F (-84°C to 250°C)
UV Resistance: Excellent
Flammability: Self Extinguishing, Non Flammable
Hardness: 60 ± 5 Shore A
Tensile Strength: Minimum: 8.5 Mpa
Elongation to Failure: Minimum: 300%

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