PTS ZP Single MPI Power Supplies

PTS ZP Single MPI Power Supplies

Magnetizing Single Source Power Supplies for PTS Portable MPI Machines

Magnetizing Current Source

  • The PTS ZP MPI Power Supply can be used for magnetizing by current flow or for magnetizing by coil
  • Built-in regulation and current measurement
  • Turning on the output is done manually using a button or a foot switch
  • Regulation of the current is done by Thyristor power regulator from 0 to full output
  • Demagnetizing becomes automatic every time the current has been switched off
  • The source also contains the 230V/10A socket for connecting a UV lamp

Optional Features:

  • Touch panel for complete control of the source with automatic setting of parameters according to the rested product
  • Statistics of achieved currents and magnetization times


Four Models to Choose From:

  • ZP-1000H - 1000A AC / 600 A HWDC
  • ZP-1500H - 1500A AC / 970 A HWDC
  • ZP-2000H - 2000A AC / 1300 A HWDC
  • ZP-3000H - 3000A AC / 1900 A HWDC

A ZP Series Power Supply shown here in use with an MAS Series inspection bench

ZP3000 HDC Switchboard Front Panel

ZP3000 HDC Control Panel

ZP3000 HDC - Pneumatic Switch PPR-3000

Description Part # Saved Price Select Option Add to
PTS ZP 1000-HDC single power source 1000A AC / 600 A HWDC 460VAC/60Hz MT-PTS-ZP1000-HDC Request Pricing
PTS ZP 1500 HDC single power source 1500A AC / 970 A HWDC 460VAC/60Hz MT-PTS-ZP1500-HDC Request Pricing
PTS ZP 2000 HDC single power source 2000A AC / 1300 A HWDC 460VAC/60Hz MT-PTS-ZP2000-HDC Request Pricing
PTS ZP 3000 HDC single power source 3000A AC / 1900 A HWDC 460VAC/60Hz MT-PTS-ZP3000-HDC Request Pricing