Maurer HLE + DM High Performance Demagnetizers

Maurer HLE + DM High Performance Demagnetizers

The highest performance demagnetizers available


The Most Powerful Demagnetizer

The HLE + DM series have the highest-performance, most powerful demagnetizers in Maurer's product line. Maurer Degaussing® technology has been perfectly implemented here, making these machines capable of thoroughly demagnetizing practically anything. Carbides, hard materials, interior components or shielded parts, large volumes of bulk materials and more are all completely demagnetized by the HLE's intense magnetic field, which can reach a jaw-dropping 5,024 Gauss (400 kA/m). Fully flexible cable coils can even ensure that large parts weighing up to 50 tons can be demagnetized. 

Tailor-made openings and field strengths guarantee effectiveness in automated processes

What the HLE + DM Can Do for You:

  • Thorough demagnetization of even the most difficult magnetic parts
  • Production line demagnetization of large volumes of bulk material or massive individual parts
  • Demagnetization down to the level of earth’s magnetic field
  • Degaussing field strength of up to 5,024 Gauss (400 kA/m)
  • Opening dimensions and field strengths are custom-made, guaranteeing a solution that is perfect for your needs
  • Perfect for preparing parts for washing or in preparation for Electron Beam welding

The modular configuration keeps operators safe and ensures effective implementation into automated processes


Modular Configuration

The HLE coil modules are modularly structured into the DM power modules or other special coils. This means all demagnetizers can be implemented extremely flexibly. The coil is separate from the DM power module, making it highly mobile and keeping operators safe from unwanted electromagnetic exposure. Additionally, the field strength and opening dimensions are 100% customizable, ensuring that no matter your needs, the HLE + DM has the solution.

Carriers filled with parts, transport baskets or complex assemblies are demagnetized with a pulse of a few seconds

Functionality, Reliability, Application

The fully-automatic demagnetization process demagnetizes the material within a few seconds with a powerful degaussing field pulse. The unit’s operation can be manual or integrated into an automated production process.

The strength of magnetic field required to demagnetize the part is predetermined by tests and experience. This allows us to select the optimal coil and power module, taking into consideration your customer’s specific application.

The HLE + DM is ideal for handling:

  • The most demanding components with the highest demands on demagnetization
  • Large, filled cleaning baskets for better cleanliness
  • Tools or small parts in bulk
  • Assemblies consisting of different materials
  • Assembled hard metal parts

Easy integration even with optional protective housing


Protective Housing Recommended

We recommend using the protective housing in manual working environments for the MM HLE high-performance coil. The housing protects operators and other personnel from unwanted exposure to the electromagnetic field. The active opening of the coil is available horizontally or vertically on customer’s request.

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