Analytikjena UVP CL 3000 N95 Mask Sterilizer

Analytikjena UVP CL 3000 N95 Mask Sterilizer

UVP CL-3000, 254nm, 100-115V

Analytikjena UVP CL 3000 254nm
UV N95 Mask Sterilizer

The UVP CL 3000 is a microprocessor-controlled UV irradiation system that can also be used for UV disinfection and elimination of PCR contaminations.


  • More uniform lighting
  • Fixed distance between sample and UV source
  • Higher UV output
  • Embedded radiometer to track dosage for reproducibilty
  • Saftey Interlock to prevent accidental exposure
  • Small footprint to accommodate limited spaces
  • Closed system to accommodate scaling up disinfection
  • Microprocessor control provides precise UV dose control
  • Irradiation can be defined as energy (Joules/cm ²) or time (seconds)

Shortwave UV (UVC) as a Disinfectant

Ultraviolet light is considered an ancillary disinfectant to chemical disinfectants in the healthcare environment. The high-precision CL-3000 can produce a cumulative dosage of 1J/cm², this is considered well beyond the requirement needed for disinfection. The CL-3000 provides near uniform UVC light with a ~10% coefficient of variation and less than 2 mJ/cm² difference between the highest and lowest reading. Most importantly, the CL-3000 has real-time monitoring of UVC dosage to assure reproducible dosing irrespective of space and time.


Microprocessor Controlled Reproducibility

The programmable microprocessor constantly monitors the UV light emission. Irradiation stops exactly when the programmed energy is achieved. Thus, the effect of decreasing UV intensity due to bulb aging is compensated for.


The UVP CL-3000 combines the latest UV technology with high quality manufacturing: stainless steel UV exposure chamber, protective quartz disk on the UV sensor cell, and a highly resistant and easy-to-clean keypad and housing.

Ease of Use

The large display provides a series of predefined methods, making the UVP Crosslinker an easy to use yet powerful instrument for immobilization of nucleic acids to membranes. The programmed data are shown on the LED display.


  1. Set the dosage on the instrument by selecting ENERGY, then pressing 6-3-0 for 63.0 mJ/cm², and then press ENTER.
  2. Place mask into chamber and close door.
  3. Hit START.
  4. Open door and flip mask over and repeat step 3.
  5. Remove the sample and continue following the UNMC protocol.

Note: As an added precaution, users may consider repeating steps 1-3 with an empty crosslinker in between sets of masks if residual contamination is a concern.


Wavelength Short-Range Wavelength: 254 nm
Number of Tubes 6 x 8 W Fluorescent bulbs
Instrument Dimensions
(H x W x D)
8.7" x 15.7" x 13.7" (22.2cm x 40cm x 34.9cm)
Inside Dimensions
(H x W x D)
5" x12.2" x 10.1" (12.7cm x 30.5cm x 25.4cm)
Weight 15lbs (6.8kg)
Environmental Conditions 59o to 195o (15 °C – 35 °C), 70% air humidity max 2000 m NN
UV Light 6 x 8W 254 nm or 365 nm
UV Irradiation Energy 0.1 mJ/cm² to 9999.9 mJ/cm²
Maximum Time of Exposure 999:00 minutes

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