Carestream Digital Plate Carrier for HPX-1 System

Carestream Digital Plate Carrier for HPX-1 System

A Simple, Cost Effective and Convenient Way to Run Small or Irregular Shaped Plates

A Simple Solution

The HPX-1 Plus Digital Plate Carrier offers users a new way to scan small or irregular shaped imaging plates using your HPX-1 Plus Digital System. Specifically designed to be easy to use, in minutes you’ll be up and running. No matter what the shape (as small as 1”x1”) the carrier will deliver. You can also use the Carrier to combine multiple plates into one scan and improve your overall throughput. The carrier comes complete with a protective case and simple instructions for use. Enhance your HPX-1 Plus experience and improve productivity with Carestream’s new HPX-1 Plus Carrier.


  • Carrier offers a simple, cost effective and convenient way to run small or irregular shaped plates on your HPX-1 Plus system
  • Accommodates virtually any size/shape plates (down to 1”x1”) that fit within the scan area
  • Scans one or multiple plates simultaneously for increased workflow
  • Robust design built for a minimum of 300 scans under the worst conditions
  • Compatible with Industrex Software v4.2 or higher
  • Unique design allows for simple application and removal of imaging plates
  • Flexible construction with a special surface finish holds plates securely in place
  • Easy to read grid divided into 5 cm increments makes identifying the dimension of the scan area simple
  • Carrier grid printed in blue for easy reading in low light conditions
  • A custom case is included for convenient, secure storage and transport
  • Expands the capabilities and leverages your investment in the HPX-1 Plus System
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