RADAC Plastic Cassettes (X-Ray Film Holders)

RADAC Plastic Cassettes (X-Ray Film Holders)

RADAC Plastic Cassettes (X-Ray Film Holders)

plastic cassettes

RADAC is the Premier Line of Radiographic Film Cassettes, offering the highest quality and greatest assortment of Cassette types, materials and sizes available.

Product Features:

  • Flexible Single Envelope Cassettes - Available in: standard, reinforced and heavy-duty grade materials with a Velcro light seal.
  • Flexible One Seam Reinforced Single Envelope Cassettes - Constructed in RADAC's reinforced grade material and manufactured without side seams. They are made to outlast any other type of flexible cassettes.
  • Flexible Double Envelope Cassettes – Constructed from RADAC's standard grade material and designed to lie perfectly flat, having no fold over ends of Velcro fastening.
  • Flexible Magnetic Cassettes – Constructed as per RADAC's Standard Single Envelope Cassettes, but with the addition of Magnetic Rubber Strips riveted down the two sides of the cassette. These cassettes are suited to plate work, storage tanks and large diameter circumferential welds.
  • Semi Rigid Cassettes – Constructed from RADAC's heavy-duty grade material, with a card insert and produced on the Double Envelope principle. These cassettes are suited for castings.
  • Custom Cassettes – RADAC can manufacture special custom cassettes to your specification, including:
    • Single envelope cassettes up to 3m long for pipe radiography.
    • Single envelope cassettes that link together either with press-studs or Velcro.
    • Cassettes of special sizes and custom irregular shapes.

welded tight seams
welded velcro fastener
Welded light tight seams Welded Velcro fastener - light tight seal
standard or reinforced material
Available in standard grade or durable reinforced material
flexible, single envelope cassettes
semi-rigid cassettes
Durable, flexible, one seam reinforced single envelope cassettes manufactured from reinforced grade material
Semi-rigid cassettes are available with printed alignment center marks

Flexible Single Envelope Cassettes flexible single envelope cassette - black
black flexible cassette-welded seam
Flexible One Seam Reinforced Single Envelope Cassettes flexible one seamed reinforced single envelope cassette
flexible one seamed reinforced single envelope cassettes
Flexible Double (Twin) Envelope Cassettes flexible double envelope cassettes
flexible double envelope cassette
Flexible Magnetic Cassettes flexible magnetic cassettes
Semi Rigid Cassettes semi-rigid cassettes
semi rigid cassettes
Custom Cassettes
custom cassettes
custom cassettes

Minimum order size: Ten of one type
Specify size, type and quality
Example: 4 ½ x 17 Double Envelop is 427-45/#25


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