Integrity Products Integrity Fire Plugz

Integrity Products Integrity Fire Plugz

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Integrity Fire Plugz

fire plugz

Fire Plugz replace standard, non-fireproof inspection ports, which leave a large flame path and failure point in your passive fire protection (PFP) cladding. Manufactured as a two-part assembly, this product is made from a 304 stainless-steel threaded port and a soft plug, manufactured from E-Glass Mat Insulation and 3M™ Interam™ Endothermic Mat E-5A-4. The soft plug provides additional insulating properties, adding even greater back-up fire protection. This also ensures that the R value of the pipe's insulation is maintained at the installation site. The materials used meet ASTM E84 (UL 723), ASTM E 119 (UL 263), ASTM E 1529 (UL 1709), ASTM E 814 and CAN/ULC-S115 standards.


  • Suitable for use on piping and vessel cladding for passive fire protection (PFP)
  • Provides up to 3 hours of fire protection
  • Provides protection against large hydrocarbon pool fires in accordance with ASTM E 1529 (UL 1709)


Materials: 304 Stainless Steel
3M™ Interam™ Endothermic Mat E-5A-4
E-Glass Mat Insulation
Silicone Cloth
Size: 3" Round
Color: Silver
Insulation Insert: Grey
Temperature Range: 2192°F (1200°C)
Thermal Conductivity: 0.0429 W/mk @ 212°F (100°C)
UV Resistance: Excellent

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3" Round Integrity Fire Plug Kit CU-IP-IFP3 $147.25