Sherwin D-100 RVSL Non-Aqueous Reversal Developer

Sherwin D-100 RVSL Non-Aqueous Reversal Developer

D-100 RVSL incorporates a fluorescent dye that is quenched by contact with acids and many oils.


  • D-100 RVSL is used to confirm parts are clean after various processes, e.g., acid etching, prior to further processing such an penetrant inspection. Many Type 2 Visible penetrant residues can also be detected.
  • If a part cracked while being operated in an oily or acidic environment, it can be assumed that capillary action has pulled this material into the crack. Penetrant inspection requires capillary action to pull the penetrant into the flaw. If there is residual oil or acid in the crack the penetrant will be "blocked" from entering. Solutions: Use a cleaning process that is capable of removing contaminants from potential cracks. If the part is ferrous, use magnetic particle testing. If neither of these are possible, perform the penetrant test as normal, but replace the standard developer with D-100 RSVL and do a final inspection under both visible light and UV lighting.

How the D-100 RVSL Works:

  1. Application: After agitating the D-100 RVSL suspension, evenly spray a light slightly wet coating of developer onto the dry surface of the part. An overly wet application may obscure the results, an overly dry application may miss residues.
  2. Dwell Time: A 5-minute dwell time is suggested, although in many cases, results are visible in less than a minute.
  3. Inspection: Inspect parts under Visible Light, followed by inspection under UV-A light. Acids and many oils and Type 2 penetrants will "kill" the fluoresce of the developer coating where they interact leaving dark areas.


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