Meets ASTM E-18, E-10, E-110 and E-103 Requirements


The AFFRI RSD MAG is a full load Rockwell hardness tester that can be fitted to many bases and used either portably or as a bench tester.

  • Conforms to ASTM E-18, E-10, E-384 and ISO 6508, 6507, 6506 international hardness standards.
  • Thanks to the magnetic clamping base, it's possible to perform hardness tests on large bulk samples directly on the production floor. The tester is not influenced by test direction, allowing operation in any position, even upside down.
  • Test large items on the manufacturing floor or in-situ.
  • Load forces are applied through a dynamometric load cell which eliminates problems associated with dead weight systems on traditional testers.
  • Not affected by vibrations, and does not need to be leveled.
  • Clamp to any surface geometry form round to flat. The indenter is automatically aligned with the measurement axis.
  • Hardness readings are displayed on an LCD screen. The instrument features a user-friendly interface, real time statistics, graphs and large memory.
  • The AFFRI RSD MAG is highly accurate and repeatable with every measurement, whether made in a laboratory or on location regardless of material form; tubes, profiles, valves and bulky or small pieces.
  • All metals: iron, steel, tempered steel, cast iron, brass, aluminum, copper and metal alloys. Heat treatment, hardening, nitriding, cementation and hard-facing.


Automatic System

The RSD hardness testers have extreme accuracy for automatic preloading, loading and measurements. They achieve the highest level of depth accuracy and measurement resolution for Rockwell tests. Indentation measurements are guaranteed, without any external interference, in any condition.

Single Drive Measurements
By pulling the start lever, the head moves downward performing the hardness test cycle in automatic succession:

  • Automatic contact with the specimen
  • Automatic clamping and activation of the reference surface point
  • Automatic preloading and loading
  • Automatic measuring
  • Automatic return stroke when releasing the lever.

Handy & Simple
The RSD hardness testers are easy to use and are unaffected by operator influences.

  1. Identify the test area and place the hardness tester on the sample.
  2. Locking the magnetic lever, the tester will strongly adhere to the test piece and remain clamped for the entire test cycle.
  3. Sliding 50mm identer makes contact with different surfaces or misaligned surface.
  4. Start the test and in 4 seconds the results will appear on the display.

The AFFRI System
Load forces are generated by a dynamometric load cell, which assures long term accuracy and eliminates problems associated with dead weight systems used by traditional testers. Results are not affected by structural deflection, misalignment or vibration.

Repeatability & Reproductibility
Accurate measurements on the first test, even in extreme conditions, will eliminate the need for repeated tests. The R&R data is at the top of its class.

From Portable to Benchtop
The RSD MAG can be converted from a portable to regular bench top hardness tester if needed. There are 2 different size of bench stands; 670H or 460L.

RSD MAG + Stand and Clamping Hood System = Benchtop Hardness Tester

Clamping System

Accurate hardness measurements even on unstable, dirty or oily samples. The clamping hood applies constant pressure and prevents accidental sample movements during the test cycle.

50mm Indenter and Clamping Hood Stroke

The measuring head follows the sample even in case of structural deflection. Easy and fast hardness measurements on various thicknesses without adjustment of the elevating screw.
The minor and major loads are applied to the test surface, unlike conventional hardness testers that require both surface to be smooth and parallel.

Technical Specifications

RSD MAG Series Specification

AFFRI RSD MAG Series Specifications
Standards EN-ISO 6506 /  EN-ISO 6508 / ASTM E-18 / ASTM E-10
Indenter & Clamping Hood Stroke 0 - 50mm, 0 - 2"
Preload RSD: 98.1 N (10 kgf) RSD: 29.42 N (3 kgf)
Test Loads

Rockwell: 60 - 100 - 150 kg

Vickers: 10 - 100 kg

Brinell: 10 - 62.5 - 125 - 187.5 kg
(on request 250 kg)

Superficial Rockwell: 15 - 30 - 45 kg

Vickers: 3 - 30 kg

Brinell: 15.625 - 30 - 31.2 kg

Feasible Tests

Rockwell: HRC - HRA - HRD - HRB - HRF - HRG - HRL - HRM - HRR

Superficial Rockwell: HRN + HRT

Brinell (On Request): HB30 - HB10 - HB5 - HB2.5 MPa (F/D2)

Vickers (On Request) (Only Indentation): HV3 - HV10 - HV30 - HV100 

Accuracy Better than 0.5 %

The software controls the whole instrument during the entire cycle avoiding operator errors.

Description Part # Saved Price Select Option Add to
RSD MAG D2 Kit Includes: RSD MAG Unit, Standard indenter guide - L=25mm or 40mm, Conversion Table, Magnetic Base SMX30 (300mm/11.8"), and Indenter for Rockwell C HT-AF-RSDMAG-D2-KIT Request Pricing
RSD MAG D4 Kit Includes: RSD MAG Unit, Standard Indenter guide clamping piece - L=25 or 40mm, Conversion Table, Magnetic Base SMX30 (300mm/11.8"), and Diamond Indenter for Rockwell C HT-AF-RSD-MAG-D4-KIT Request Pricing