Vidisco FlashXPro

Vidisco FlashXPro

Special Price Offer! Contact Neil @ 913-226-3404

Vidisco FlashXPro

Special Price Offer! Contact Neil @ 913-226-3404


  • Best Image Quality in the Market!
  • Fastest Time to Image, on the Spot Detection!
  • 100% Portable, Lightweight, Large DDA Imager!
  • All in One Carrying Case
  • Fully Battery Operated

Vidisco's FlashXPro portable system offers a lightweight, robust large area imager that ensures extraordinary 16 bit (65,536 Grey levels) images that enable the detection and identification of hairline cracks. Dose level is reduced and exposure times are shortened from minutes to mere seconds.

vidisco flashxpro imagevidisco flashxpro image vidisco flashxpro image

FlashXPro is easy to set up in the field and to integrate in laboratories. Fast wireless solutions offer additional flexibility. Highest quality images are available for immediate analysis. Highly advanced, user friendly professional software allows for precise, on-site detection and convenient data sharing. The time needed to get results is significantly shortened!


Digital Radiography (DR) is the most advanced X-ray technology available. FlashXPro's high detection quantum efficiency (DQE) dramatically increases NDT profitability.

  • Extraordinary Image Quality: 16 bit dynamic range (65,536 Grey levels) and 3.5 lp/mm resolution.
  • Lightweight, Thin, Robust Large Area Digital Imager: 13.5" x 17" (342 x 432 cm) imaging area combined with just ~1" (25mm) depth.
  • Truly Portable: Light, compact and easy to transport, enabling operational flexibility. Up to 5 hours of continuous work on batteries and self charging during AC operation.
  • Images upon Request: Available on screen for immediate analysis. No repositioning required. No developing! No scanning! No chemicals!
  • Advanced Software: Easy to repeat testing procedures, enhanced diagnosis tools, data storage and query options, user friendly interface.
  • Speed Ensures Efficiency & Safety: Radiation dose and exposure times shortened tenfold! Minimal plant disruption, increased productivity.
  • Complete Imaging Solution: Easy setup in the lab or field. Compatible with portable Pulsed or Constant Potential X-ray sources.
  • One Platform: Easily interchangeable with the BlazeXPro, BoltXPro and RayzorXPro (the thinnest DDA imager ever produced).
  • Wireless Solutions: Built in fast wireless 300m. High powered wireless up to 1500m (line of sight).
  • Wireless X-ray: Operates with Pulsed X-ray sources.
  • Complies with Current Industry Standards.

      Technical Specifications

      Imaging Area:

      342 x 432mm (˜ 13.5 x 17 inch)

      30 mm from bottom and side of the detector

      Imager Size:

      466 x 488 x 25.5mm (h,w,d) - Thin, Robust Large Area Imager

      18.3 x 19.2 x 1.0 inch

      Imager Weight: 4.8 Kg (˜ 10.6 lbs)
      Imager Sensor Type: Amorphous Silicon (a-SI) Digital Detector Array (DDA) Flat Panel Imager
      Dynamic Range: 16 bit (65,535 Grey Levels)
      Resolution: ˜ 3.5 lp/mm (behind 3 mm of steel)
      Power Supply:

      Up to 5 hours of battery operation/ AC 110/220V for unlimited period of time

      Charging during AC operation

      Optional Accessories Available:

      Wifi X : Digital Wireless System - connecting laptop to ICU Imager (300m line of sight)

      Long Range Wireless Operations: Up to 1500m (˜ 1 mile!) - line of sight when using high power modules

      WXR: Wireless X-ray eliminates cable connection to Golden X-ray

      Extension Cables: Allows for operation of up to 200m distance
      DC/AC Vehicle Inverter: For unlimited power supply from a vehicle - DC power down the line for added safety

      Tripod Mount**: Compatible with any standard tripod

      External Camera: For external color images and video

      XE-DE Plus: Dual Energy Module for Organic/ Inorganic Detection

      Software: Advanced proprietary XbitPro Software for NDT operators

      *System configuration is subject to market changes and manufacturer specifications
      ** Tripod sold separately

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