Dolphicam Grid Tool

Dolphicam Grid Tool

Dolphicam Grid Tool

The Dolphicam Grid Tool is a mechanical positioning device for the Dolphicam Ultrasound Camera that makes it easy and quick to inspect large areas. Its solid construction from high-quality linear bearings ensures smooth scanning, high precision and high inspection speeds.


  • Scanning rate of less than 5 secs/image, about 30 minutes for a 50 x 50 cm area!
  • Set-up time of less than 3 minutes
  • The Dolphicam2 is easily secured to the grid tool with 3 set screws and the attachment is hinged to allow access to non-planar surfaces.
  • Can easily be positioned in 25mm incremental positions over a full 50 x 50 cm area.
  • Ball plunger secures the GridTool into position - no movement before or during shot.
  • It is fixed to the surface by one or two robust oversized suction cups, that can be removed for bolted placement.
  • The Dolphicam software allows for multiple scanning modes, including various vertical and horizontal modes as well as other features, making real-world stitiching easy and fun.
  • Comes in robust transport box


Weight 2kg / 4.41lbs
Scanning Increment 2mm / 0.98"
Scanning Area 50 x 50cm / 16.69 x 16.69"
Fixture 1 or 2 suction cups, or bolted to surface

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