NDT Tri-Con Hydro-Air Wash Gun

NDT Tri-Con Hydro-Air Wash Gun

NDT Tri-Con Hydro-Air Wash Gun


The Tri-Con Hydro-Air Wash Gun is recommended for removal of post emulsifiable penetrants when a simple Tri-Con Wash Gun is not sufficient.

Key Features:

  • American Made
  • Manufactured and Assembled in Cleveland, OH for over 88 years
  • Professional Quality Heavy Duty All Metal Construction
  • One piece valve assembly makes maintenance simple
  • Engineered to withstand hard daily use
  • Nozzle Body Pressure Rating 250 PSI MAX
  • Provides a consistent flow and instant on/off with a squeeze of the trigger handle
  • Locking Trigger Handle
  • Ergo-Correct Comfortable, Full-Hand Pistol Grip
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Specifications Compliance: ASTM E1417, AMS 2647D, BPVC


Weight: 1 lb. / 0.45 kg

Dimensions: 5" x 5" x 5" / 127 x 127 x 127 mm

The TriCon Hydro-Air Wash Gun Repair Kit Includes:

  • Retainer Cap with O-ring
  • Valve Stem with O-ring
  • Stainless Steel Spring
  • Gland Nut
  • 3/4" Washer - where hose connects to nozzle
  • O-Ring that goes onto the nozzle at the water outlet
  • O-Ring that slides over the valve stem in front
  • O-Ring that goes inside the adapter, that the brass 1/2H is screwed into, that screws onto the nozzle.


Description Part # Saved Price Select Option Add to
Tri-Con Hydro-Air Wash Gun PT-IT-14003 $76.00
Tri-Con Hydro-Air Wash Gun Repair Kit PT-IT-V-I-400-CRB $20.00